Jan 10, 2020

Dealing With Tough Times: How To Move Forward In Your Relationship

Life can be a bed of roses, but it can also be challenging. When you’re in a relationship, there are bound to be highs and lows. It’s normal to experience tough times, but that doesn’t offer much comfort if you’re struggling to see a way through. If you are going through a bad patch with your partner, here are some steps that may help you move forward. 

Talk to each other
When you know someone extremely well and you have a really close bond, it can be easy to assume that they somehow know exactly how you’re feeling, and to presume that you know what is going through their mind. The truth is that none of us are mind-readers. Your partner may have no idea how you’re feeling and vice-versa. The key to tackling problems and moving on after a difficult period often lies in talking to each other and filling in the blanks. It’s not always easy to have frank conversations, but you’ll feel better if you open up and you’re both honest. You don’t have to make a big deal about communicating and set a time and date to discuss how you feel. Instead, get into the habit of communicating freely on a regular basis. Even the simplest things like asking your other half how their day was or listening if they’re feeling down can make all the difference. 

Don’t be afraid to seek help or advice
Some of us find it very easy to talk about our feelings, while others struggle to express emotions. Often, we are reluctant to open up to the people we love because we don’t want to burden or upset them. We also want to protect ourselves, and being honest can make us feel vulnerable. If you don’t want to speak to somebody you know, you might find seeing a therapist or a counselor beneficial. You can do this alone or with your partner. Choose a therapist that has experience in the kinds of problems you’re experiencing, for example, a relationship counselor or a sexologist. Talking to somebody that doesn’t have any preconceptions about your relationship and having someone to listen to you can be refreshing and reassuring. 

Concentrate on the present while building a future

Many of us find it difficult to move on after a rocky patch because we keep looking backwards or we obsess about the future. It can be positive to look forwards, but don’t let this approach apply extra pressure. We live in a society where milestones are laid out for us, and this can create added strain. Focus on the present, have fun now and start building your future together. If you get carried away with wanting to be married by the time you’re 30 or have children and a house and a dog by 35, this can hamper your enjoyment of the present and increase stress. 

Highs and lows are par for the course in any relationship, but sometimes, tough times can floor us. If you’re struggling to move on, hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful. 

Jan 3, 2020

Getting Your Branding Basics Down

Branding is a powerful tool when it comes to your blog or your business. It becomes how people will recognize you and your work. Branding will give people the impression they can trust you, and people who have worked with you already are likely to return. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, actually, this is precisely why branding works and why it is so good. And, more importantly, why you need to get your branding beautiful. 

So what is branding? Branding is your name, design, or symbol, the colors you choose, the tone of voice, the email signature you use. It is a representation of your company and becomes recognizable as such. Branding is vital for business success, it is how you will become known to consumers, and from that build loyalty. 

Your vision is going to be the driving force behind your branding. This goes for a business, a blog, or even you as a person - whatever it is. Your brand vision will be a melting pot of all of the ideas, goals, strengths, and appeal to your customers. 

You probably have a few ideas in mind for style already. And luckily, we all have access to tools to help us create something that works in our budget and our skill level. Of course, what you want to do is work with a professional to help you create the initial logos and the color pallet. However, we don’t all have the budget initially. You can use tools like Canva and PicMonkey to help you create the basis for all of your branding. And make sure you make a few different color combinations before settling. Use the psychology of color to help you get it right. 

While you might be in love with the swirly, delicate font - can everyone read it? Is the yellow geometric owl coming across well? Try to make sure everything is as clear as possible before you dive into getting everything made. And, you should make sure that every font you are using is mobile compatible, it should translate online and printed materials. 

Sure your logo and your tagline will be on your social media - but it actually needs to on every single document that you produce. Templafy.com can make sure that possible, and easy too. And your photos need to be on-brand too. If you are presenting as a slick monochrome brand, but your Instagram is bold colors and doesn’t feel on brand, the discrepancy will hurt your brand - people won’t instantly make those connections. 

The real meat of branding can be boiled down to the ‘story.’ What is it about your business that makes you stand out? How is your personal journey something everyone can relate to? Why these products? What is it about this content that is so important to you? The story of your brand is what makes you different from everyone else - and the exact reason a customer will buy your products or services in the first place. 

Dec 26, 2019

Movie and Coffee Date with my Friend

In spite of my very hectic schedule, I always try to find time to meet my close friend either by spending time together in the house eating and drinking some beer or soju or going out to watch a movie and eat.

We decided to go to the mall to watch a movie. My friend invited me to watch "Unbreakable," starring Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban. We've heard that this is a good movie.

We're so thankful that we've watched the movie after a few weeks from its premiere because there were only a few people inside the cinema. I loved the ambiance because it was quiet.

After watching the movie, we've headed to "Dark" coffee shop. To my surprise, I got a coffee and cake treat.

 It's actually my first time to visit this coffee shop and I can say that I like it here. Hopefully I could visit this coffee shop again by next year. This is located in SM North in Onesimus. I don't know exactly as I rarely visit SM North.

My friend and I had really good time eating a slice of cake and drinking our coffee while catching up. By the way, it's here sister who made the treat. She works in this coffee shop and we were also waiting for her to finish work then we would go home together. I had the hot Vanilla Macchiato while my friend opted the cold one. 

I loved it so much! I am now a coffee love. I remember I used to hate it because I could palpitate with the caffein but I got immune to it when I started working in Saudi since most of my colleagues are drinking coffee. I even now love drinking black coffee and of course Turkish coffee.

We may not see each other frequently that's why we make the most out of it when we see each other. Friends for keeps indeed.

Dec 16, 2019

Why Big Data is Important for Your Small Business

Despite the potential for Big Data to enhance your operations, many small business owners assume it’s out of their reach. If you’re concerned that Big Data will be too costly for your enterprise, think again. 

There are a wide variety of ways small businesses are using Big Data to reduce their costs, enhance productivity and maximize profits. From marketing automation and fleet telematics to customer profiling and lifecycle value; you’ll find that Big Data can enhance every area of your business. To learn more, take a look at why Big Data is so important for small businesses…

Routine tasks
Everyday tasks account for a significant amount of time and resource usage. Whether it’s verifying staff receipts so that they can be claimed as expenses, processing supply contracts or handling statutory staff documentation, you’re regularly spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks. 
Big Data can handle all of this and more. By collecting, structuring, segmenting and analyzing the data, algorithms can ensure that it’s applied effectively. As a result, your day-to-day tasks are completed with enhanced accuracy, in a fraction of the time they currently take. 

Customer behavior
Gaining insight into customer behavior is essential for any enterprise. Regardless of whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, you need to know how your customers think, feel and act in order to serve them better. 
With text mining, Big Data successfully enables you to sift through vast amounts of data and identify patterns, connections, and trends via the words and language used. Instead of being locked out of valuable data because of your limited resources, you can use Big Data to mine the text in seconds, and then put your findings to good use. 

Location targeting
As most cellphones and mobile devices feature geolocation, you can access location-related information from your target market without breaching any privacy regulations. With Big Data, however, you won’t just learn what areas your customers reside in. In fact, you can determine where they work, what routes they regularly travel, what bricks and mortar venues they visit, etc. 
This enhances the level of customer insight you can gain and also means you can use location-specific content to increase customer engagement. This is just one way of personalizing your content and interactions to enhance your customer relationships. 

Risk analysis
Traditionally, it’s only been larger firms that have the resources to undertake in-depth risk analysis. Big data puts small companies on a par with multinational corporations in this respect. With the ability to analyze the potential outcome of business decisions and accurately gauge the risks involved, you can make more informed decisions regarding your commercial ventures. This, inevitably, helps you to avoid business pitfalls and increases successful decision-making. 

Benefiting from Big Data
Now that Big Data is a reality for small businesses, it’s time to start making the most of it. The accuracy and capabilities of Big Data is important for every enterprise but it’s particularly powerful for small businesses. Whereas limited resources may have prevented you from accessing the information, knowledge, and insights your competitors have, Big Data levels the playing field and gives you all the tools you need. 

Nov 24, 2019

Three Golden Rules For Finding Love Online

We are living in a fairly modern world, which means that there are a lot of practices that have drifted further from the traditional and have become tangled up in all things modern. One such practice that has dramatically changed has been dating. 

There was once a time that people would court; as in, they’d meet at a dance or a bar and they’d dance and sway before going for meals and eventually - if the person was right - getting married and having children. The world has changed a little since then. People have a lot less time to go out dancing and meeting each other in bars these days, which means that we must get with the times and go online. 

Online dating, to some, is a four letter word and shouldn't be allowed. They think it’s a sad idea, with anyone needing to go to the internet to get a date is lacking somewhere. Here’s the thing about that: they’re wrong. Online dating is modern, it’s on trend, it’s safe (if you do it right!) and it’s a great way to expand your horizons beyond the local bar. That doesn't mean that there aren't rules that must be followed, though. Dating in general can be hazardous (hello, Ted Bundy.) and you have to ensure that you are looking for love in the right places. Whether you are interested in Muslim dating online or you want to give online chat rooms a go, you have to follow the golden rules. Safety is key, and you want it to be the best possible experience that you can have. Without further ado, let’s talk through the golden rules for finding love online.

Man and Woman Having a Tea Conversation

  • Rule 1: Don’t Meet Privately
Remember we talked about safely? Well, when you are meeting someone online, you are meeting a computer screen with a personality. The TV show Catfish is one of the best ways to see how people aren’t themselves online. That’s not to put you off, it just means that if you hit it off with someone online, you need to meet in a public and open place - don’t go to a stranger’s house! You don't know them properly, so you need to ensure that you are meeting you are as safe as possible.

  • Rule 2: Don’t Drink
You need your wits about you for a date, and you’re not really you if you are under the influence of a drink. Not only that, but your decision making skills are pretty rubbish when you have a wine or two in your system. Stick to sparkling drinks to match your sparkling personality.

  • Rule 3: Don’t Get Physical (Physical)
It’s not about slut shaming or talking about when to have sex, it’s about sexual safety! You could meet someone and sleep with them on the first date should you wish, but do you really want to do that? It’s not all that fun to grab and go, and possibly have no clue what’s next for your future together. Slow it down and get to know them first; it’s far more fun!

Take heed, internet peeps; the online world is a big and scary place sometimes and the search for love isn’t all that easy!

Nov 20, 2019

Your Soulmate Won't Appear By Magic

The idea that a person is waiting for you to meet and love them is inaccurate. Love is a long and complicated journey, at the end of which you know that you’ve found your one. As such, finding your soulmate goes nothing like in your favourite fairy tales! Indeed, the truth is that you’re unlikely to stumble upon a sleeping princess in an empty castle… similarly, for women, chances that you’re going to be woken up by the kiss of your future darling are low. As such, you need to forget about the fairy tales world and consider the most realistic ways of meeting your sweetheart. 

You need to look for them where you feel comfortable

Love has no shape, colour, or language. However, you might find it more convenient to meet people who understand your cultural values and aspirations. That’s precisely why dedicated Arab dating or Asian meetup sites, for instance, are a popular place to get to know new people. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable to build a relationship with someone. If comfort for you is all about your community, you could find specialist dating sites a helpful platform. Admittedly, meeting online is not a guarantee of falling in love, but it’s a good as any place to start. 
You need to make a friend first
Whether you meet your meaningful other online or offline makes to difference. In the long term, you need to build a trustworthy bond. To fall into clichés, you need to become friends before you can be lovers. Friendship is an essential part of your relationship. Whether you choose to write to each other before meeting in real life or to spend a lot of time talking and enjoying each other's company, it’s up to you. Your friendship is a sign of mutual trust and respect, which anchor your bond. The more you get to know each other, perhaps the more likely the relationship will evolve into something more intimate. But at the start of every meaningful love story, there are two friends. 
You need to have shared values 
There’s a big difference between common values and common interests. Most people tend to get confused between the two. You don’t need to enjoy the same hobbies and passions with your soulmate. However, your relationship should have a common ground such as your shared sense of humour and interest in each other. Aside from a cultural background, this commonality plays at a deeper and more intimate level. It’s about how you treat each other and what you expect from the relationship. 

You’re equals in your relationship
Last but not least, a love story is an exchange between two people. If you want your couple to grow together, you need to establish from the beginning a fair and mutual bond. It would be foolish for one of the partners to think of themselves as being better than the other. You are on equal grounds. It’s the best position if you want to build a stable future together. 

Your soulmate isn’t going to suddenly land in your life without any warning. It takes time and effort to develop a relationship and discover that you’ve found your other half. 

Nov 12, 2019

Thank You McDonald's

Last week, I had my late lunch and I didn't have much time to cook and since I was alone with the dog, I decided to just take order from McDonald's. I ordered Chicken & Spaghetti meal with Cheeseburger ala carte. My order arrived at around 2:30 p.m. So I was really hungry that. I ate my spaghetti and I gave the chicken to our dog. After finishing my spaghetti, I immediately grabbed the cheeseburger.

But to my surprise, there was no patty in my burger. Since I was really hungry that time I still ate the burger. But before that, I took a photo of it and shared my rant to Twitter. Luckily, McDonald's replied immediately. I was not really expecting that they would do that.

They called me at night that same day and told me that they would replace the burger and they apologized about the incident. After a few minutes, the delivery man arrived with a Cheeseburger meal. 

So thank you very much McDonald's for making it up. I know the crew who prepared the burger is only human and sometimes we make mistake. At least you addressed the mistake and immediately replaced it. 

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