Nov 6, 2020

Spicy Fried Rice


I am a rice lover and I believe that's one of the reason why I've gained so much weight. I used to cook fried rice whenever there's leftover in our kitchen. I find it so delicious when rice has a flavor. What I do is I just mixed it with whatever food that's available in our kitchen. So in the picture, I cooked the leftover rice with scrambled eggs and water spinach. Then I just added some soy sauce. I love eating super spicy foods that's why I also added some chilli. This is so easy to make! 

Nov 3, 2020


Photo of me taken when I was in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Behind me is the                                                               Kingdom Tower, one of the tourist spot in Riyadh.

This pandemic has given me a lot of realizations. Somehow, my perspective in life has changed. I learned to treasure time even more because we don't know when our time in this world will end. It can be soon or it can take longer. So I try to finish things or my tasks right away. 

This event of my life had made me really crazy. There were times that I felt like giving up. I'm sure a lot of you had felt the same way as I did. Who wouldn't? 

But on the other hand, I had the time to reflect on myself. I had the time to make better plans for my future. But because of this pandemic the one thing that I was about to achieve was delayed. So I just keep on telling myself that I'll just enjoy this moment and just try to do different stuff at home to keep myself busy. I'm sure there are some things that I would miss when this pandemic when is over. 

Oct 29, 2020

Spending Weekends in the Farm

Staying at home most of the time during the pandemic can be very boring and unproductive. We need to go out to breathe some fresh air and get early morning sunlight. So when the the MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine) was lifted, my family decided to go to the farm to have some relaxation and take a break from reality that COVID19 is still around. That's what we needed at this time.

This kind of scenery gives relaxation to my eyes since I'm always in front of my laptop. According to studies, looking at greeneries is soothing in the eyes. It is indeed true. 

We had lunch there and it's really fun to eat grilled pork and hotdogs there. It was indeed very relaxing to eat in a very nice environment under a very nice weather.

We had a walk around the farm. It was really safe there since there were no people around the area. Above are ginger plants. I love to make ginger lemon tea especially when the ginger is really fresh.

I really like this plant. I wish I could plant them when I have my own garden. I love its flowers since they are unique.

This is my first time see an aloe vera flower. I didn't know that aloe veras bear flowers too. They look so nice, right?

I just love this view. It's all green. Imagine yourself sitting and doing nothing but to just watch the sun set. It's what we all need once in a while since most of us are stressed because of the pandemic. 

Sep 27, 2020

Ampalaya con Carne


Not everybody wants ampalaya or bitter melon. Some hate its bitter taste. But I do love eating ampalaya. I know the taste is not that appealing but I love eating veggies. Besides, this is very healthy. It has a lot of good benefits for the body. It helps regulate blood sugar, lowers cholesterol level, good for skin and hair, etc.

One of my favorite ampalaya dish is ampalaya con carne. I find it very delicious and very easy to prepare. I just sauteed the garlic, onion and tomato. Then I added the ground meat (can be pork, chicken or beef). When it's almost cooked, I added the chopped ampalaya. I seasoned it with salt and pepper. Sometimes, I add oyster sauce. And voila! It's done. 

If you don't like it to be very bitter you can soak the chopped ampalaya in a water with salt. 

Sep 19, 2020

Fresh Mushrooms

It has been raining these past few days here in Metro Manila and I remember when my father was still alive, he used to harvest fresh mushrooms around the banana trees. He also used to grow mushrooms when we were young that's why he has good knowledge on which edible mushrooms he should pick. I was able to take a picture of his last harvested mushrooms.

They were so fresh and I immediately cooked them. As an Ilocano, the very first thing that came to my mind was to cook 'Dinengdeng' since mushrooms are also a good ingredient for this Ilocano dish. 

I just mixed it with unripe papaya and saluyot. It was so good and delicious. I will always remember my father everytime I see that type of mushroom. 😢

Sep 6, 2020

Papa's 8th Year Death Anniversary

Today is the death anniversary of our father. How time flies that it's already 8 years have passed since my father left. I still think about the moment when he was still here and I wished he didn't left so soon. So we always remember him not just on his death anniversary but also on his birthday, all souls' day and even if there's no special occasion. We also visit him in the cemetery whenever we have the time. 

To be honest, it's hard when a parent died. I always think about it and sometimes I couldn't help but just cry about the loss of my father. It's really different when someone so dear to us has died. :(

Sep 1, 2020

Hello September

It's been 6 months since I just stayed at home waiting for my life to become normal again and I guess it wouldn't be anytime soon. But my hopes are still high that this shall end. We just don't know when or how soon it is. I'm sure it is as I believe that nothings is permanent/forever in this world. So I hope that the first -ber month will give me surprise. That my dreams are also there and it's on process already (fingers crossed.)

Well, I'm just spending my time for something productive like finding a home based job and reading something so that my quarantine days wouldn't go to waste. 

I hope everyone's hanging on just like me. Life is not really easy in times like these but always know that we'll all get through this. 

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