Apr 27, 2017

Foodie: Saudia Soy vs. Alpro Soya Unsweetened

Soya is one of my favorite drinks. So it's always on my list everytime I do grocery shopping here in Riyadh. There are quite a few selection of brands available in the market and I'm not sure which one will suit my taste so I took these 2 brands from the rack. So here's my verdict:

Saudia Soy:

The taste is okay but I find it very sweet and I don't like my soya drink to be that very sweet. But I think those who like it sweet will like it. Does that make sense? LOL...

Alpro Soya:

This one is the opposite of Saudia because its taste is bland and I really liked it. It taste more natural than the Saudia. I'll definitely buy another one the next time I go to grocery.

Well, both of them claim that they are natural as what is written on the box. It just depends on your taste if you want it to be sweet or simply bland just like my preference.

Mar 27, 2017

Best Camera for Traveling: Sony Alpha A5000

For a month now, I've been contemplating on which camera to buy since I have plans to start my bucket list for traveling for the next months or so. Good thing I have stumbled upon this giveaway from yugatech. And Sony Alpha A5000 is included on my 3 choices that I have been thinking about on buying.

Photo from Yugatech

Why this camera is among my choices and what makes it worth buying?

1. I hate carrying heavy things. Even if I want to own a DSLR, I would still choose to carry this kind of camera for comfort and convenience. I'm a fan of light and small things. LOL

2. It is also perfect for selfies as well as for vloggers since the LCD screen can be tilted. It provides full HD movie shooting too.

3. I like the fact that this camera is also available in white color. Not just the usual black color.

4.  The lens is interchangeable so that means I can get good quality of pictures like the ones from a DSLR.

5. Perfect for traveling! This compact camera has all the features I want.

If I won the giveaway, I don't have to buy one and just get it for free. Hahaha! To know more about Sony Alpha A5000, you can visit Sony Philippines.

*Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and this is an entry for Yugatech's contest.

Feb 21, 2017

Woodwind and Brasswind Instruments

I barely see people playing woodwind and brasswind Instruments these days. Mostly are into acoustic guitars and drums. So I find it really cool if I learn to play one of these instruments. For me, the sound they produce are very soothing and calm. So learning to play WWBW is somewhat interesting and as far as I know, they’re the instruments that’s being used in orchestra, right?

Valentine's Day at Work

I know it's kinda late to post this due to my work but at least I did. 😃😃😃 How did you celebrate your Valentine's Day guys? (If you did) Well, my Facebook feeds is flooded with greetings, pictures of chocolates and flowers and other cheesy pictures. Anyhow, I didn't received any of these but I don't feel bad but I was surprised that one of my co-worker gave us a box of pizza as a treat since she won their Lose Weight Challenge.

 It's still hot just the way I like it.

Groufie with workmates.

Well I don't really celebrate this type of day but because of the treat, this made it worth remembering. Besides, it's only once a blue moon that we get to receive a treat from a workmate.

Good thing I have a workmate who has the same name as mine so I borrowed her flower for selfie. I just got carried away from the people around me who received flowers and chocolates from their partners. LOL

Feb 17, 2017

Are You A Fan of Heavy Metal Music?

Are you a fan of heavy metal music? Me? Not that much but I think I know someone who does. Well, it’s my brother. I would hear him play a Metallica song with his guitar. He loves to play the guitar. I guess he might want a james hetfield guitar as this guitar is named after the lead vocalist of Metallica. Don’t you think?

Feb 13, 2017

Live Sound for Parties

Recently, my niece just celebrated her party in the Philippines. Too bad, I am not there to celebrate it with her. But I’m glad the party went well as it was hoped for since this is her first birthday party. The food, cake, photo booth and sounds are all good. Speaking of sounds they hired a professional like the edison professional. This would really be her memorable party.

Review: Ever Bilena Hot Pink Matte Lipstick

I'm starting to like this makeup brand and I've also heard lots of raves especially with their line of lipstick. I'm totally satisfied with the lipstick that I bought and I love the shade that I've choose. If I knew that the lipstick was this good, I could've bought 2 more. 😉😁

At a price of P 195 ($3.91) not bad, eh? The quality is really good. And I like it's smell. It's just light and not too strong.

This is the Hot Pink shade. My workmates also love this shade. This shade works especially to those with fair skin. 

This is how it looks on my lips. It stays long for about 6 to 8 hours and sometimes longer. For me, it lasts for almost 10 hours.

This is definitely a good buy and I recommend this lipstick especially to those who are in a budget or frugal like me. 😁😁😁

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