Electronics for Cars

There are people who love to decorate their cars especially those hobbyists. From the lights, bumpers, sounds, seats, etc., they would customize it according to their taste. Some are good at it and the output is great but some are not fortunate enough. There are now different electronics for cars that are out in the market. I think some of them are really useful for drivers like the GPS systems, radar detectors, sensors, etc. They're not just decoration but they also help the driver to make their driving much easier. For music lovers, they put stereos, subwoofers or amplifiers. Everything is possible nowadays. There are now many car accessories and electronics that are available in the market. It's up to the car owner on how to they make their car look beautiful and more functional.

I Miss Driving

The car that I was using was already sold and I'm missing it a lot. It's from her where I learned how to be confident in driving. She's also the car I've used when I have my business. It's from her where I learned to drive along NLEX, EDSA and other unfamiliar places. In short, we've been through a lot of things. I really miss driving. I enjoy driving while listening to music. I consider driving as my favorite hobby because I never got tired doing it. Well, I'll just buy a new one when I have the budget. If I have the car, I will really put electronics for cars like sounds, lights, etc. But I don't want to exaggerate everything. I just love listening to music while driving. It helps me enjoy my driving. LOL I hope in God's will, I'll be able to get one after a few years. Nothing's impossible.

This Is It!

It's now sinking in, that I'll be leaving the country in just two days. I can't explain what I'm feeling right now. I'm happy and sad, excited and anxious, curious and nervous. I don't know how exactly I feel but I trust everything to God. I know that He's got a better plan for me. I know everything will be alright. I'm really praying to Him to guide in my new journey in life. I know He will always be here for me. Now I know how it feels when you're going abroad. There's a part of me who can't believe that it's happening but there's also a part of me who's happy because one of my dreams will be achieved.

Household Matters

So since I'm leaving soon, I've instructed everything to our helper on what she should do when I'm away especially on the household chores, laundry, changing of curtains, tablecloths,etc. I've instructed every details so she won't miss doing a thing. I'm very particular with our kitchen 'cause I want it to be clean all the time especially the dining table since there are times that unexpected guests would come. I want the table to presentable and clean especially its natural tablecloth. So for a natural burlap tablecloth, I've instructed her to change and clean it at least once a week. Having a clean natural tablecloth will really impress our guests.

I've also instructed her to clean our fridge everyweek. Well, I can trust her on this matter since she's good at cleaning our house. I'll check her maybe everyweek if I have the time to see if she's doing what she's told. My would also visit the house to check if everything's fine.

Proud Tita

I will really miss this baby big time. Who wouldn't miss her adorable and smiling face? She's our one and only baby in the family. That's why she's a little bit spoiled. We've celebrated her birth day everyday until shed reached 1 year old. I don't know how it's called. LOL

This is my favorite picture of us. I love her smile here. It shows on her face that she's having a good time. She loves swimming just like me. She's not afraid of the water and she's even trying to swim as if she knows how. I bet she'll be a good swimmer when she grows up. I will really miss her. See you after two years, baby Guilliane. =)


Maintaining a Car

My sister and BIL used to lend me their car for my own convenience and safety. It's my first time to own a car and damn! It's not that easy to maintain a car because I don't have any knowledge about it. All I know is to drive it. LOL There are times that I browse some websites like bestbuyautoequipment.com to have an idea. Slowly, and with the help of my brother I was able to learn some things about maintaining and taking care of a car. I think it's best if you have a knowledge about it so just in case you 'll bring your car in an autoshop, they won't charge you much or you can avoid it by just doing it yourself just like what my brother is doing to his car.

Leave Them All Behind

Two days from now, I'll be living in a different world, environment, culture and people. There will be a huge adjustment for me but it's part of working abroad. I think this is also the best for me to move on from all of the troubles in my life - disappointments, failures, heartbreaks, and battle with my own self. It's time to say goodbye to them and start anew. It's time for me to be the best I can be. I know I can do this. After two years when I come back, I know I'll be a different person. The stronger, wiser and better person. I know I can do this. I know I'm just a few steps away from my dreams.

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