Apr 2, 2011

Pampering My Feet

Last Sunday, I had a foot spa unexpectedly. Thanks to our IELTS instructor's marketing. There was a branch of Fanny Serrano Salon that had just opened near our Review Center and we got so excited with their promo that after the class we headed straight to the salon to have our foot spa. We need a little relaxation after our stressful class.

I availed the foot spa with pedicure service. If you notice the price, it really has a big difference. It's very cheap and affordable for me so I grabbed that opportunity.

It was very relaxing especially to my feet. This feels good especially when you're very tired.

I was satisfied with their service and the people there are nice. They are very friendly. I just had my foot spa last month and I was not suppose to have it for this month but you know, since its cheap and its from Fanny Serrano then I gave in. For a jobless nurse like me, I should really spend my money wisely.

By the way, the promo is until April 30, 2011. For those who are interested, you can still catch up. It there is any...
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