May 31, 2011

Don't Block the Driveway

Just wanna share my rants about this neighbor of mine who is very inconsiderate and selfish. Just this morning, he just parked his vehicle in front of our gate without even asking us if we will be using our car. What angered me more is that he fixed his car's engine on that area and just left it there overnight. What if there might be an emergency in our house and we need to use our car? Of course, we will not be able to drive our car out of the garage right away because we still have to wake him up to move his car.

I really hate the owner of that car because he always parks his vehicle in front our house (not the area shown on the picture, he always parks on the left part of our front house) without asking permission from us. I know there's no law that we follow regarding that matter but as far as I'm concerned, he should have respect and courtesy to his neighbor. 

I'm just concerned for our safety because there were some people who stay there at night (strangers) and we were scared that they might do something we will not like. People can easily climb our gate especially when that vehicle is parked because they won't be easily seen. 

I can still remember when my brother got really mad because he saw a human poop on that part. Well some people can hide there and do something because of that vehicle. I even caught the owner of that vehicle peeing on our water meter.  That's so rude of him! I wish I could take a picture of him while he's doing that so I could post it here on my blog. I really mean it!

I guess you're wondering why should I just talk to him instead of blogging it. Well, I already did. And guess what he told me? We didn't pay that part so why should we prohibit him from parking there. What a narrow minded point of view. So I just decided not to argue with him this time. Besides, it's really hard to argue with narrow minded people. I don't wanna waste my time and energy with that kind of person, ayt?
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