Dec 7, 2011

Reunion with my Former Co-teachers

I used to work as an ESL Teacher to Korean students before. This was my very first work and the kind of work that I really loved doing. I was able to learn a little something about Korean culture, language, etc. I'm a fanatic of Korean drama so I guess that's the reason why teaching worked for me. Sad to say, I had to quit the job to pursue my real profession which is nurse. There are times that I want to go back teaching but I also love being a nurse.

Finally, after almost 3 years I saw my co-teachers again. Some of them are new and just met during the get together. The new teachers are nice and friendly, they share their experience on work and some already resigned as I did. Those who are still working in our company shared a lot of stories at work, some issues and of course happy moments. Honestly, I can't relate to some of them but still it made me laugh.

We ate at a Korean restaurant just few walks away from the work place. The foods they ordered are really delicious. I love the chicken which is like Chicken Buffalo. I wasn't really familiar with the names of the dishes. I was late that time because I had problems with my tummy but I was thankful I was able to make it there.
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