Mar 15, 2012

Chic&Cheap: Wedge Shoes from

Have you heard about I saw this Chinese online store from other bloggers and I read some good reviews about it. Out of curiosity, I browsed their website and I found a lot of stylish and fashionable clothes and shoes. They got good items and they are really cheap. I decided to purchase a pair of sandals to check their product. I tried to Google their website and saw a lot of negative feedback which made me paranoid since I already placed my order. I was glad I didn't have a terrible experience with them and I'm planning to order again from them.

This is the picture from their website. This is only $6.76 which is really cheap.

I'm so happy and satisfied with my order. It looks exactly as what can be seen on the picture from their website.

Another thing I like about them is that they have a size 34 or 4.5 so it really fits on my small feet.

Their shipping fee is a bit pricey for me which is around $13 (via Depex). The shipping fee is more expensive than the item I bought. Well I guess that's because they're based in China. I'm looking forward to try their other products like blouses, dresses, and accessories. But for now, I've a lot of pretty shoe designs that I'd like to buy. I hope I wouldn't get addicted with online shopping. I need to save, save and save.
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