Jul 1, 2012

Dinner at Mr. Kabab

We had a dinner last August 2011 (yes it's looonnngg overdue post) at Mr. Kabab along West Ave. I also love Mediterranean food. I love its unique taste and this type of food is very filling on our tummy. We just ordered few but our stomachs were really satisfied. We had:

 Special Chelo Kabab

 Eggplant with Yoghurt

 I forgot this one...

We have grilled tomatoes and onion on the side. I love to this wrapped in pita bread with garlic and hot sauce. Yummy....

It's my first time to get a taste of their Yogurt Shake and I really loved. 

Mr. Kabab is one of our favorite Mediterranean Restaurant in the Metro and we will surely eat here again. I still can't get over with their Yogurt Shake since I love yogurt. I guess I should try to make my own yogurt shake at home. LOL
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