Jan 12, 2013

Kilig Moments with My Crush =)

During my training in the hospital, I had a crush on one of the nurses. I find him cute and nice. He is approachable when you have a question or when you don't have an idea about the doctor's order. I find him as one of the few men who is boyfriend material. Almost everyone in the hospital likes him. He was even one of the contestants of the Mr. and Ms. Nursing pageant and was one of the top 5. Okay, enough of my appreciation. I'm just happy that I was able to get a remembrance from him before our training ended. I had a solo picture. with him. Hahaha!!! 

This was a stolen shot. Obviously, I was all smiles while he was giving an instruction. Who wouldn't be that happy if you're working with you crush, ayt? 

As I've said earlier, he is very approachable and he has willingly gave me time to take a solo picture 
with him with his hand on my shoulder. I was so happy that day. 

See, I wasn't the only one who has a crush on him. LOL... I was the only one who has the courage to take a solo picture with him. I know there's nothing wrong with that so I don't get shy about it. Just a little... hahaha!!! 

Almost every one likes him not just because of his pretty face but because of his good attitude towards others. As they say, when you are good inside, everything follows. =)

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