Apr 8, 2020

My Niece's 7th Birthday

More than a month ago, there was a plan on how my niece's 7th birthday will be celebrated. But unfortunately, ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) was ordered. So we had no choice but to cancel the celebration. They just celebrated at home with simple decorations and food in their home. What's important was my niece still enjoyed the simple celebration. 

Here's a photo of her when she was still a baby. This was during the day of her Christening. She was opening her gifts. Time flies so fast. She was just a little baby here and now she's a big girl already. Maybe we will just celebrate her birthday next year and maybe do the kind of celebration that's supposed to be done this year. 

After all, the safety of us is what's more important. We should follow what is ordered for the safety of most people. We should cooperate and do our part as Filipino citizens in this country. 

Apr 4, 2020

My Niece's 3rd Month Birthday

She is my first niece, the daughter of my brother. We had a simple celebration of her third month birthday with the close family. She's so cute and cuddly here. Now, she's already grown up and the next thing I knew, she's bigger than me. LOL


Apr 2, 2020

Movie Date with Friend

Whenever we have time, my friend and I always go to the mall to watch a movie and eat. It's our way of bonding since we're friends since we were in 5th grade. This was already a long time ago and I think this is my chance to post in my blog. 

Until now, we do this during our free time. The usual watching of movie then eating a snack or lunch/dinner. But we opted to have a bottle of flavored beer. We usually drink at home because I find it more comfortble so that we can sleep right away when we got drunk.


Mar 31, 2020

Padi's Point with Friends

After going exploring and eating lunch, my friends and I decided to have some drinks at Padi's Point. This is the first and last time (as of the moment) that I went here. This is place is famous for gimmicks and drinking.

I could say that we really had a great time together. We really had fun drinking and laughing, enjoying our time together.

After that, we did some strolling at the mall then we headed home. It was really a tiring day but full of fun and enjoyment. These are some of the fond memories that I will forever treasure which is meeting good friends.


Mar 30, 2020

Fond Memories with Friends

Another unforgettable memory that I had during my training days in this hospital was spending time with my friends wherein we went exploring some things around the area. So in spite of what I was going through during those days, I still manage to be somehow happy and have some fond memories with my new found friends.

We loved to get a hot chocolate drink from the vendo-machine. I was not drinking coffee yet at that time that's why I always preferred a hot chocolate drink. We used to buy almost every day. I think it's one of our favorite hobby and sometimes we would go to the hospital canteen to take a seat and to eat and sometimes eat a snack.

As far as I can remember we finished our duty early so we decided to go to Quezon City Hall to check out the bazaar in there. We just actually wanted to explore.

Afterwards, we headed to the mall and took a lunch at Shakey's. We enjoyed the food and our funny chitchats.

Although we only spent a few months together, we had a lot of bonding moments. I can remember that we also went to Mang Larry's in UP Diliman to try their barbecue. Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures. But I can say that their barbecue is really delicious.


Mar 29, 2020

Papa's 40th Day

On the 40th day of my father's death, we offered a prayer for my father's soul attended by our relatives and neighbors. My siblings and mother were not there because they already came back abroad.

We solemnly prayed for my father's soul with the help of the elders from our neighborhood.

After praying, we had a simple meal.

Afterwards, we burned the prayer materials and other stuff used during the funeral of my father as advised by my family and elders.


Mar 26, 2020

My Life as a Nurse Trainee

To be honest, I don't know what kind of title should  I write on this post. I just want to share some good old memories.

Those were the days when I enrolled in a tertiary hospital as a nurse trainee. I've learned a lot of things and of course, I've met a lot of different people. I can still remember how pressured I was during those days because my father just died. I pretended that I was okay but I wasn't. I just concealed my real feelings by smiling and laughing. Nobody knows that I was grieving.

I consider these days as "The Dark Period" of my life. It was those days that I could not focus no matter how I wanted to. We had quizzes, practical exams and case studies. Too bad I did really bad at that time. You know, those feelings that you wanted to stop doing something but you have to because you have no choice. If I did not continue with my training, then fee paid for it will also be forfeited which is kinda expensive. Besides, it's better to be busy to keep me preoccupied than staying at home. At least I met these wonderful friends who made my hard times a little bit easy.

I still managed to smile once in a while. It just sucks when I became alone like when I was in my bedroom. I couldn't hold my tears to fall on my pillow. 

One of my friends had celebrated her birthday. So we gave here a cake. These moments made me happy once in a while. 

One of the things that I will never forget while I was in this hospital was the place where we ate our lunch. We called it "construction." As you can see on the background, it's a 'carenderia' located in a construction site. The food there was affordable and delicious compared to eating in a fast-food.

The training took only 4 months but I felt like it was a very long time. Well, I met a lot of friends and I was able to spend some good times with like eating in a fast food restaurant and drinking beer with them. 

Actually, there was a lot of activities during my training days. We had the Nursing Week, Seminars, Case Studies, Exams, etc. Thank God, I was able to survive. Unfortunately, I did not pursue in applying to become a hired staff nurse or even enrol again to train as Hemodialysis Nurse. 

Sometimes the things that we want in life change. And honestly, I wasn't that okay since I just lost my father that time. But there is nothing I could do about it. I was grieving and really sad. But life must go on.

Mar 18, 2020

I Think I Should Start Reading Again

I was browsing through my pictures in my laptop because I need to transfer them all before my laptop totally crashes down. Better late than sorry because it's already showing signs and symptoms that. 

I guess this is the advantage of this COVID19, to reflect on ourselves and maybe think of the things that we should do like futures plans and some stuff that we've already forgotten to do. Please don't get me wrong. I am not happy that there is corona virus all over the world. I wish and pray that it would be gone soon and all of us are going to be back to our normal lives again. But for now, let us make the most out of it. Let us cooperate to our government in order to eradicate this virus and to avoid further spread.

Anyways, since I am just at home these days, I am able to do the things I can't do when I was super busy like browsing my photos here in my laptop and of course writing on my blog. 

One of the things that I love doing that I wasn't doing anymore was reading books. So I felt kinda sad that these books were just sitting in my room. I think haven't read some of them yet. I still got other books that are not in the photo that I haven't read yet. So I hope I would be able to read them while I have enough time.

I believe reading is important in order for us to learn new things. Knowledge is power as they say. 

Mar 16, 2020

First and Last Boodlefight in Saudi Arabia

As far as I can remember, this was the very first party I have attended with workmates in Saudi Arabia. This was around January 2015. I was staying for about 6 months at that time. So I was that new there and I was starting to meet new people. That's why this was one of the most memorable events during my stay in the Kingdom. 

I was still slim at that time. Hahaha! Most of the Filipino gatherings here are about eating which I believe that's one of the reason why I gained a lot of weight after 4 years of working in KSA. We enjoy eating together with our close friends or co-workers.

Of course we love to take pictures. I have saved a lot of memorable pictures of the different places in Riyadh KSA, with workmates and of course with close friends. They are really priceless for me since they have been part of my life. 

By the way, during the boodlefight we ate grilled seafoods like squids, bangus and tilapia. We also had grilled eggplants. The food was really great with matching soy sauce dip and off course rice.

If you would notice, the quality of the pictures were kind of not so good since this was already 5 years ago.  

Mar 2, 2020


'Alukon' or 'Hambaba-o' in Tagalog is a common Ilocano food. It is usually cooked as 'pinakbet' or mixed with other veggies like in 'dinengdeng' or in 'monggo.' It is my favorite food and it excites me everytime a relative brings a bag of 'alukon' for us. To my surprise, our uncle brought a lot of 'alukon' when he came to Manila. So we immediately cooked some of it the same day our uncle brought it. 

These are the flowers of the 'Alukon' tree. For some they don't look attractive but they are delicious and nutritious. I barely see 'alukon' here in Manila but in our province, they are everywhere. But they are hard to pick that sometimes the branches of the 'alukon' tree had to be cut down in order to pick its flowers. Because this tree is usually high.

I cooked 'buridibod' that night and we partnered it with lechon, which was a leftover that we kept in the freezer. It was so good that I ate a lot. Ilocanos love to eat veggies.

Feb 21, 2020

Keeping Your Home Safe Is Paramount

Keeping safe is everyone's first priority. Whether it's keeping your finances safe, keeping your keys safe, or even keeping your secret chocolate stash safe from the friends and family...we all make sure we do it. Keeping your house safe is of course, just as important. We value our homes so much, so it's important to make sure we're doing all we can to keep them safe. If you have a house that doesn’t have a gate, you may also find that you have to park your vehicles on the drive or street and this can mean you’re more of a target for theft. You need to keep everything safe, even your car’s roof rack. Let’s say you have bought a new roof rack from Roof Rack And Towbar World, you would not want someone to try and attempt to steal it, which is why you need to take some steps to look after your entire home. 

Photo: Pixabay

In recent years, there has been a steady decline in burglary but this is only minor, and with cybercrime on the increase, being vigilant has never been more important. Some of us can be quick to let the world know on Facebook where we are, when we are there, who we are with, and this kind of information is gold to internet stalkers, who are constantly finding new ways of getting access to your house and possessions. Of course most of us lock the doors, and have safety precautions in place, such as alarms, window locks, gates, and even cameras, but it's super important to make sure that you don't become another statistic, because burglary and theft can be such a life-changing occurrence, to the point of creating personal and emotional issues, that really, prevention is better than the cure! You don’t want to feel as if you need to move home because you no longer feel safe or happy.

With a few basic simple tricks we can add another level of safety to our houses, some of the top ones include:
  • Ensuring that you remove any rubbish around your home, this can make it look like you are away
  • Keep your windows relatively free from overgrown bushes/plants so it doesn't create added privacy for burglars trying to get in
  • Keep lights on with light timers when you are away so your house is never in darkness 
  • Keep Facebook and Instagram posts/location tagging to a minimum (this may sound silly but it is important)
  • Make sure you have an effective hiding place for important things, avoid putting them in the typical places like draws, safes, under the bed

Of course these are really the basics, and it is as far as we can go to protect our homes without any outside help. However, there are companies that do offer networking systems that work to protect your home, with very little effort from yourself. Even big brands such as Panasonic offer Smart Home solutions, which will monitor your home. Be sure to be savvy and avoid any type of home break in. 

Feb 20, 2020

Coffee Blossoms

I think this is the first time that I saw coffee blossoms that's why I was so amazed at its beauty and its scent. I really loved the smell. The coffee blossoms smell like Rosal flower. They said that the flowers smell even better in the morning. I wish one of these days I could one morning in Cavite just to experience it.

The weather was really pleasant that day and we could see from the sky. It wind breeze was cool and the sky was so blue. It was really indeed a very relaxing day.

So I walked around the farm to see the coffee plants and took some instagramable pictures. I really enjoyed looking at the coffee blossoms.

Coffee blossoms everywhere. I really love nature and I really dream of owning a farm in the future so I can place various types of plants and trees. Nothing beats the plant produce that's from your own farm/garden.

I am looking forward on harvesting the coffee fruits in a few weeks/months or so.

And get to taste our own produce. I am sure it will really taste good 'coz it's organic.

Feb 2, 2020

Girl Got Skills: Why You Need To Learn To Fix Your Car

As a woman, it’s expected that you should give your car to the garage to the fix or let your partner fix it up to work well for you. Here’s the thing: you do not have to live up to that expectation! You are an independent and strong woman - you can buy your own car, so you can fix your own car if you have the inclination to learn how to do it! 

Sure, it can be intimidating to stare under the hood of a car if you haven't ever taken a look at yours before, but that doesn't mean you can’t do it yourself. Once you believe in yourself enough to learn, it’s just one more skill you can add to your bow. Learning how to fix up your car gives you the chance to do more for yourself, and you can start buying your own parts on TDot Performance as you get more confident with knowing what goes where! So, let’s take a look at what you need to know to fix your car yourself.

Red Screw Driver on Brown Wooden Surface

1.    Changing a flat tire isn’t tricky, but if you haven't done it before, it could be a fun one to learn. You may find yourself with a flat tire at some point in your life, and you want to be able to change it when you’re stranded somewhere. If you learn how to change a tire, you can get yourself to the garage to buy new ones if you need to. All you need is a jack and know where to place it! 

2.  Your headlights will break on occasion, and it’s a common car repair to change your headlights. It’s an easy repair to make, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by it. If you can change a lightbulb at home, you can easily change your headlights of the car. All you have to do is pull back the lining of the car and swap the old light for a new one. 

3.    Windshield wipers are often in need of a change, especially every one to two years. Knowing how to change yours is a must so that you don’t get stuck - especially in horrid weather. You just have to snap off the old ones and add the new ones instead!

4.    Speaking to a mechanic is essential before you make any changes. Unfortunately, the auto industry is dominated by men, so you need to make sure that you don't get scammed by a mechanic when you go. So, do your research, find out how much parts cost and what you’d pay doing it yourself. Then ask for a quote. If you’re quoted more, learn how to make the changes that you need - but never tell them that you know nothing about cars. Even if you’re clueless, make them think you know things!

These are only a small range of repairs you could learn for yourself, but that doesn't mean you couldn't learn all you want to fix your car yourself. Be independent and get your skills on: you are in charge!

Jan 30, 2020

Why Cybersecurity Is About More Than Just Software

Many new business owners understand the importance of cybersecurity. They know that it’s vital to protect their business and they’re more than willing to spend time, effort and money on protecting their business. However, it’s vital to spend your resources wisely in order to protect your company’s data.

One of the most common things to do is install software solutions to protect your business. This could mean antivirus software or even firewalls to stop suspicious incoming traffic. You might also have security features attached to any cloud services you use. Unfortunately, having software to protect your business isn’t the end of your responsibilities–you also need to educate your employees.

One of the biggest sources of cybersecurity breaches comes from social engineering. By abusing a lack of knowledge from your employees and tricking them into giving up their passwords or security details, hackers can easily waltz into your business’s network and wreak havoc. Whether they decide to steal information, delete records or install even more dangerous software, a breach can be incredibly damaging to your business.

Not only does it expose your data, but it can subject you to heavy fines due to regulations such as the GDPR. Any breaches of data must be reported as well, meaning the general public will lose faith in your business. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of penalties, but it’s safe to say that any kind of data breach will hurt your business.

Below, we’ve included an infographic on how you can combat cybersecurity threats, but we also recommend educating your employees on safe computer practices.

Infographic: University of Alabama Birmingham

Jan 24, 2020

How the Digital Age Is Changing Skills Demand

The digital age is changing many things, both in industry and elsewhere. One of the things that is changing is the general demand for skills. As can be expected, these big changes in technology and the flow of information mean that many skills are in higher demand, while others are no longer as relevant. If you want to keep up with how skills demand is changing, take a look at the following skills.

Higher Demand for Technical Skills

As you might imagine, the rise of digital technology means that technical skills are in much higher demand. All types of skills are required to do practical jobs ranging from office work to fieldwork. Most people need to have some basic level of technical skills, such as the ability to use basic computer skills.

Differentiating with Creative Skills

The digital age has made it easy for anyone to start a business and try to compete. It has also increased the flow of information and changed consumer demands. Due to this, creative thinkers are in demand. People who can create memorable marketing campaigns, for example, could find that their skills and experience are in demand.

Changes in Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are also changing. With the fast flow of information, organizations that manage information need to find leaders with the right skills. People who have skills in both business and information management can discover that they are perfectly placed to fill the roles that are required. As well as being good leaders, they are able to manage information smartly.

Infographic Design By https://librarysciencedegree.usc.edu/blog/leadership-skills-in-the-information-culture/

Jan 10, 2020

Dealing With Tough Times: How To Move Forward In Your Relationship

Life can be a bed of roses, but it can also be challenging. When you’re in a relationship, there are bound to be highs and lows. It’s normal to experience tough times, but that doesn’t offer much comfort if you’re struggling to see a way through. If you are going through a bad patch with your partner, here are some steps that may help you move forward. 

Talk to each other
When you know someone extremely well and you have a really close bond, it can be easy to assume that they somehow know exactly how you’re feeling, and to presume that you know what is going through their mind. The truth is that none of us are mind-readers. Your partner may have no idea how you’re feeling and vice-versa. The key to tackling problems and moving on after a difficult period often lies in talking to each other and filling in the blanks. It’s not always easy to have frank conversations, but you’ll feel better if you open up and you’re both honest. You don’t have to make a big deal about communicating and set a time and date to discuss how you feel. Instead, get into the habit of communicating freely on a regular basis. Even the simplest things like asking your other half how their day was or listening if they’re feeling down can make all the difference. 

Don’t be afraid to seek help or advice
Some of us find it very easy to talk about our feelings, while others struggle to express emotions. Often, we are reluctant to open up to the people we love because we don’t want to burden or upset them. We also want to protect ourselves, and being honest can make us feel vulnerable. If you don’t want to speak to somebody you know, you might find seeing a therapist or a counselor beneficial. You can do this alone or with your partner. Choose a therapist that has experience in the kinds of problems you’re experiencing, for example, a relationship counselor or a sexologist. Talking to somebody that doesn’t have any preconceptions about your relationship and having someone to listen to you can be refreshing and reassuring. 

Concentrate on the present while building a future

Many of us find it difficult to move on after a rocky patch because we keep looking backwards or we obsess about the future. It can be positive to look forwards, but don’t let this approach apply extra pressure. We live in a society where milestones are laid out for us, and this can create added strain. Focus on the present, have fun now and start building your future together. If you get carried away with wanting to be married by the time you’re 30 or have children and a house and a dog by 35, this can hamper your enjoyment of the present and increase stress. 

Highs and lows are par for the course in any relationship, but sometimes, tough times can floor us. If you’re struggling to move on, hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful. 

Jan 3, 2020

Getting Your Branding Basics Down

Branding is a powerful tool when it comes to your blog or your business. It becomes how people will recognize you and your work. Branding will give people the impression they can trust you, and people who have worked with you already are likely to return. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, actually, this is precisely why branding works and why it is so good. And, more importantly, why you need to get your branding beautiful. 

So what is branding? Branding is your name, design, or symbol, the colors you choose, the tone of voice, the email signature you use. It is a representation of your company and becomes recognizable as such. Branding is vital for business success, it is how you will become known to consumers, and from that build loyalty. 

Your vision is going to be the driving force behind your branding. This goes for a business, a blog, or even you as a person - whatever it is. Your brand vision will be a melting pot of all of the ideas, goals, strengths, and appeal to your customers. 

You probably have a few ideas in mind for style already. And luckily, we all have access to tools to help us create something that works in our budget and our skill level. Of course, what you want to do is work with a professional to help you create the initial logos and the color pallet. However, we don’t all have the budget initially. You can use tools like Canva and PicMonkey to help you create the basis for all of your branding. And make sure you make a few different color combinations before settling. Use the psychology of color to help you get it right. 

While you might be in love with the swirly, delicate font - can everyone read it? Is the yellow geometric owl coming across well? Try to make sure everything is as clear as possible before you dive into getting everything made. And, you should make sure that every font you are using is mobile compatible, it should translate online and printed materials. 

Sure your logo and your tagline will be on your social media - but it actually needs to on every single document that you produce. Templafy.com can make sure that possible, and easy too. And your photos need to be on-brand too. If you are presenting as a slick monochrome brand, but your Instagram is bold colors and doesn’t feel on brand, the discrepancy will hurt your brand - people won’t instantly make those connections. 

The real meat of branding can be boiled down to the ‘story.’ What is it about your business that makes you stand out? How is your personal journey something everyone can relate to? Why these products? What is it about this content that is so important to you? The story of your brand is what makes you different from everyone else - and the exact reason a customer will buy your products or services in the first place. 
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