Nov 6, 2020

Spicy Fried Rice


I am a rice lover and I believe that's one of the reason why I've gained so much weight. I used to cook fried rice whenever there's leftover in our kitchen. I find it so delicious when rice has a flavor. What I do is I just mixed it with whatever food that's available in our kitchen. So in the picture, I cooked the leftover rice with scrambled eggs and water spinach. Then I just added some soy sauce. I love eating super spicy foods that's why I also added some chilli. This is so easy to make! 

Nov 3, 2020


Photo of me taken when I was in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Behind me is the                                                               Kingdom Tower, one of the tourist spot in Riyadh.

This pandemic has given me a lot of realizations. Somehow, my perspective in life has changed. I learned to treasure time even more because we don't know when our time in this world will end. It can be soon or it can take longer. So I try to finish things or my tasks right away. 

This event of my life had made me really crazy. There were times that I felt like giving up. I'm sure a lot of you had felt the same way as I did. Who wouldn't? 

But on the other hand, I had the time to reflect on myself. I had the time to make better plans for my future. But because of this pandemic the one thing that I was about to achieve was delayed. So I just keep on telling myself that I'll just enjoy this moment and just try to do different stuff at home to keep myself busy. I'm sure there are some things that I would miss when this pandemic when is over. 

Oct 29, 2020

Spending Weekends in the Farm

Staying at home most of the time during the pandemic can be very boring and unproductive. We need to go out to breathe some fresh air and get early morning sunlight. So when the the MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine) was lifted, my family decided to go to the farm to have some relaxation and take a break from reality that COVID19 is still around. That's what we needed at this time.

This kind of scenery gives relaxation to my eyes since I'm always in front of my laptop. According to studies, looking at greeneries is soothing in the eyes. It is indeed true. 

We had lunch there and it's really fun to eat grilled pork and hotdogs there. It was indeed very relaxing to eat in a very nice environment under a very nice weather.

We had a walk around the farm. It was really safe there since there were no people around the area. Above are ginger plants. I love to make ginger lemon tea especially when the ginger is really fresh.

I really like this plant. I wish I could plant them when I have my own garden. I love its flowers since they are unique.

This is my first time see an aloe vera flower. I didn't know that aloe veras bear flowers too. They look so nice, right?

I just love this view. It's all green. Imagine yourself sitting and doing nothing but to just watch the sun set. It's what we all need once in a while since most of us are stressed because of the pandemic. 

Sep 27, 2020

Ampalaya con Carne


Not everybody wants ampalaya or bitter melon. Some hate its bitter taste. But I do love eating ampalaya. I know the taste is not that appealing but I love eating veggies. Besides, this is very healthy. It has a lot of good benefits for the body. It helps regulate blood sugar, lowers cholesterol level, good for skin and hair, etc.

One of my favorite ampalaya dish is ampalaya con carne. I find it very delicious and very easy to prepare. I just sauteed the garlic, onion and tomato. Then I added the ground meat (can be pork, chicken or beef). When it's almost cooked, I added the chopped ampalaya. I seasoned it with salt and pepper. Sometimes, I add oyster sauce. And voila! It's done. 

If you don't like it to be very bitter you can soak the chopped ampalaya in a water with salt. 

Sep 19, 2020

Fresh Mushrooms

It has been raining these past few days here in Metro Manila and I remember when my father was still alive, he used to harvest fresh mushrooms around the banana trees. He also used to grow mushrooms when we were young that's why he has good knowledge on which edible mushrooms he should pick. I was able to take a picture of his last harvested mushrooms.

They were so fresh and I immediately cooked them. As an Ilocano, the very first thing that came to my mind was to cook 'Dinengdeng' since mushrooms are also a good ingredient for this Ilocano dish. 

I just mixed it with unripe papaya and saluyot. It was so good and delicious. I will always remember my father everytime I see that type of mushroom. 😢

Sep 6, 2020

Papa's 8th Year Death Anniversary

Today is the death anniversary of our father. How time flies that it's already 8 years have passed since my father left. I still think about the moment when he was still here and I wished he didn't left so soon. So we always remember him not just on his death anniversary but also on his birthday, all souls' day and even if there's no special occasion. We also visit him in the cemetery whenever we have the time. 

To be honest, it's hard when a parent died. I always think about it and sometimes I couldn't help but just cry about the loss of my father. It's really different when someone so dear to us has died. :(

Sep 1, 2020

Hello September

It's been 6 months since I just stayed at home waiting for my life to become normal again and I guess it wouldn't be anytime soon. But my hopes are still high that this shall end. We just don't know when or how soon it is. I'm sure it is as I believe that nothings is permanent/forever in this world. So I hope that the first -ber month will give me surprise. That my dreams are also there and it's on process already (fingers crossed.)

Well, I'm just spending my time for something productive like finding a home based job and reading something so that my quarantine days wouldn't go to waste. 

I hope everyone's hanging on just like me. Life is not really easy in times like these but always know that we'll all get through this. 

Aug 9, 2020

I Miss Eating Mango and Singkamas

There were those times wherein I used to buy mango and 'singkamas' (turnip) everytime I go to the mall. I just love eating sour fruits like mango and the 'singkamas' will balance the sourness that's why I eat both of them. But I don't always buy them at the mall because it's more expensive. I always buy at the market so I could get more. 

Unfortunately, during this period of pandemic, I can't go out anytime I want since some of the markets have flocked with many people and we could be susceptible in contracting the virus. Also, there are no open stores in the mall. How I wish we could be back to normal soon so we could be back to were old normal lives and enjoy the things we used to do. 

Aug 3, 2020

Eating Samgyupsal in an Authentic Korean Restaurant

This was the time when unlimited samgyupsal was not a trend yet. It was served by set with unlimited kimchi. 

I believe this is an authentic Korean restaurant since the menu has Hangul and I saw a Korean serving food.

They served thinly slice pork meat because it is easier to chew. 

What I like about eating in an authentic Korean restaurant is that the side dish are really korean and the soup was included. The food was really delicious.


Jul 30, 2020

When Can I Travel Again?

It’s just so sad that I will not be able to leave the country earlier as I expected to work abroad this year because of the worldwide pandemic called COVID-19. Our plan to travel to Palawan or Boracay before I leave the country has also been cancelled. It’s just so upsetting that I won’t be able to do that as planned. But on the on the other hand, I’m still blessed that I have the chance to go abroad even if COVID-19 is still present in my country since my documents were already processed before the lock down was declared on our country. So that means I must be prepared. I remember the time when I was just a first timer. I was cramming in buying things that I ended up buying things that I really didn’t need since I can buy those stuff when I get to my destination 

My thoughts were so disorganized that I forgot to buy luggage bag for myself so I had no choice but to borrow from my sister because I already had no budget to buy one. So this time, they are first on my list. I learned my lesson well and I should only buy things that I will really need. I am planning to buy samsonite luggage set which is my favorite brand.  I like samsonite bags because they are sturdy and reliable. In fact, my mom is also using that brand of luggage. 

Since it's hard to go the mall these days, I will just check Rakuten for different samsonite luggage designs and color. The best part in buying a luggage set is choosing the color. I don’t want to use the common color which is black because that’s what I always see in the airport. I want my luggage to stand out so that I can easily see them. I used to have purple and I’m thinking of buying pink, baby blue or yellow this time. What do you think guys? 


Jul 6, 2020

Just Do Good No Matter What

I know this is not new anymore but it's really a slap to the face when it happened to me. Indeed it's true that I shouldn't have expected something in return if I'm nice to someone because we'll never know if they would also the same way as we are doing for them. In spite of that, I hope and pray to God that He would guide me to continue doing good to others and no to think of the bad thing that the person had done to me. I pray that I would move on and release this negativity that I am feeling right now. I know that everything happens for a reason. Amen...

Jul 5, 2020

Taal Vista Hotel

Before I went abroad, I used to visit Tagaytay a little often and went to different places there. I remember the time when I when there and passed by Taal Vista Hotel. Well I didn't spend my night there but I just went there to visit the hotel because it's on of the oldest in Tagaytay. I just stayed there for a few hours to have some drink. I love the weather in Tagaytay specially during -ber months because it is cold and windy there. 

Of course, I took some photos with the hotel's background. I what I really enjoyed there was walking outside the hotel with the Mount Taal's view while having a drink.

And the at the evening, we try other restaurant just to check their food and still enjoy the weather. I forgot the name of the restaurant that I visited but we ordered Paella there. I loved their Paella and I can remember we almost finished it. 

We also ate balot there. There was this vendor who go around the restaurant to sell balot. I love to eat balot on a cold weather. 

Jul 3, 2020



So I would hope I would be able to read them while I have enough time. It’s the perfect chance, and we might not ever get this much time again just to read and arm ourselves with information and entertainment in this way. If you think it’s about time and you’ve got a pile of books to get through, but your glasses have been gathering dust or have bent out of shape, there are plenty of sites like to guarantee you have the opportunity to make time for yourself at home!

Good Old Times with Friends

One of the things I miss if there is no COVID-19 is hanging out with my friends. It's just so ironic because I was very busy doing a lot of important things when there was no pandemic and now that I have a lot of free times, I cannot meet my friends because it's not going to be that safe. I'm just so sad because of this kind of situation.

I always hang out with my friends when I didn't have work yet. We do food tripping and some drinking. But that stopped when I got busy doing my RTW business and until I went abroad. When I went back to the Philippines, I became busy with a lot of stuff  but somehow whenever I have free time I get to meet my close friend for some drinking, food tripping and of course telling stories about random stuff.

I just want to share these old photos during those times when I had a lot of time with friends. Here, we were just having drinks in our house. Our life was so simple then because we had no permanent jobs yet. We just had some drinks and listened to music.

We also played with our dog - Butchie. Sad to say, he's already in heaven. My friends like him so much because he knows some tricks and he's such a sweet doggie.

We also played with my makeups and pretended like we were models. Hahaha!

Jun 26, 2020

Summer in Subic

This is another throwback wherein I went to Subic. This is how I missed going to the beach as well as going out with friends. It's been 3 months already and the world is still dealing with the pandemic COVID-19. It's just so sad because there were plans and dreams that had to stopped as of the moment. I am really hoping that this would end soon. I was really excited that the year 2020 would be the year where I will be achieving one of my dreams. 😢 Well, I will never stop praying that this will end soon. 

Anyways, for now I will be sharing my throwback pictures when I went to the beach in Subic. This was a long time ago so I don't remember the name of the resort but I can say that the place was nice and I would love to go back there.

The sand there was smooth and it was clean so I enjoyed swimming there.

And I loved watching as the sun sets. It's one of the things I love doing when I am at the beach. It's so serene and calm to just sit down, relax and watch the sun sets.

Jun 15, 2020

Celebrating My Birthday Amidst the Lockdown

So I guess this will be one of my most memorable birthdays because I get to celebrate it amidst the pandemic COVID-19. Well, I always have simple birthday celebrations but this time I can't invite my friends, relatives or neighbors. I just simply celebrated it at home with my family and had a simple lunch and blowing of candle.
Me blowing the candle with out fur baby.

I am very thankful that I have 2 very thoughtful nieces.

The one who I am celebrating my birthday with.

And the other one who did not forget my birthday and made an effort to make a birthday card for me.

I cooked baked tahong and this is only my second time making this. 

And we just ordered food from Amber's, Lydia's lechon and 

I wish that this pandemic will be over soon and everyone can go back to their normal lives.  It sucks staying at home for 3 straight months so I just made the best out of it just not to waste these times that I have stayed at home.

Jun 4, 2020

Tips For Improved Health & Happiness


Finding ways to be healthier and happier is going to benefit you now and in the long run. You’ll find it easier to get through your days and that a lot of your stress subsides.

There are a few tips you can apply that will help improve your health and happiness and ensure that you are enjoying life instead of just getting by. It won’t be long before you’re seeing positive results and feeling energized and excited about achieving your goals. Get started today so that you can begin to set self-destructive behaviors and habits aside and focus on what’s going to put you on the right track to good health and success.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature is one way to improve your health and happiness. Being outside in the fresh air and taking in all the beautiful sights around you will instantly put you in a good frame of mind. Viewing and spending time in nature has been known to reduce anger, anxiety, and stress. There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and gardening. Get outside to clear your mind and receive your daily dose of vitamin D.

Treat Yourself

Another tip for improving your health and happiness is to treat yourself every so often. You can’t be afraid to indulge in self-care and other activities that will make you feel more joyful. Be kind to yourself and pamper yourself so that you can relax and reset. For instance, you can have a spa day at home, purchase new jewelry online from a shop such as Whiteflash, or go out shopping and revamp your wardrobe. Anyone of these actions will put a smile on your face and are excellent ways to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

It’s also in your best interest to surround yourself with positive people if you want improved health and happiness. Negativity will drag you down and make you feel miserable. Therefore, be honest about who is and isn’t good for you in your life and make more time for those who are uplifting and encouraging. You’ll find that you aren’t so anxious and that you have a better self-image for making this change. It’ll also be beneficial to have a reliable support team of people you can turn to when you need advice or are feeling down.

Make Sleep A Priority

Getting good sleep is essential if you want to improve your health and be happier overall. Lack of rest and sleep will take a toll on your mental and physical well-being and likely cause you to be moody. You may take actions or say words you regret when you’re not well-rested. Configure your room for optimal sleep by setting it to a cool temperature, investing in a comfortable mattress, and decorating with calming and soothing colors. Find a relaxing bedtime routine that helps slow your thoughts like meditating, listening to music, or drinking tea instead of playing on your electronics. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your daily responsibilities this way.  

May 27, 2020

Nothing is Impossible

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

In this period of time wherein I spent all of my time at home due to lock down made me feel a lot of stuff like worries, uncertainty, sadness, boredom, etc. But yesterday's good news gave me hope and made me realize that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard for it and pray for it. I am excited for the next chapter in my life and I am looking forward that this pandemic will end soon and everything will go back to normal.

By the way, unmöglich is a German word for impossible and möglich is possbile.

Villa Antonio de Dave Resort and Leisure Park

It was way back 2014 when we visited this resort. I guess there's already some changes now but I think this resort is worth visiting especially for families since there are a lot of other things they offer other than swimming.

They have a lot of swimming pools which is good during summer time because there are a lot of people during this season. If a resort has only one pool, it will be jam packed and it's not really a good idea to go swimming in it.

They also have some animals here. As far as I can remember, they also have wild boars. Just be careful with the monkey sitting on the tree. I had an unforgettable moment with that. Since I was small, I did not expect that the monkey could grab my hair. So I just passed by under the tree where he is sitting when suddenly the monkey pulled my hair. I really got scared that I yelled so loud. Good thing I was able to let go immediately. Out of panic, my slipper got broken. Hahaha!

I also saw some tents which I think are from the other guests. This is a fun activity especially for children.

Behind me is a fish pond. I'm not just sure if guests can do fishing here.

We checked this Ifugao house and took some selfies. 

For more inquiries, here's their Facebook page: Villa Antonio De Dave Resort and Leisure Farm

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

May 26, 2020

Could Blogging Be a Full Time Career for You?

Photo Source

We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and increasing numbers of us are spending increasing amounts of time at home. Unless you’re a keyworker, chances are you can’t go to work and you may have found yourself sitting at home not really doing an awful lot. This has encouraged many of us to turn our minds to different ways we can make money from home. Whether this is with the intention of tiding yourself over until the end of the pandemic, or whether you’re enjoying spending more time at home and would like to wave goodbye to the commuting lifestyle, the nine to five and uncomfortable work uniforms.  Now, there are, of course, many ways you can earn money from home. But a particularly enjoyable one that might appeal to you is blogging! Here’s everything you need to know on the subject!

Can Blogging Really Be a Career?

Many of us associate blogging with personal activities. Something that we do in our free time for fun. A hobby. But the past few years have seen a significant rise in the number of people who are turning blogging into a full time career and who are making a pretty impressive income from the activity!

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Put simply, bloggers make most of their money through advertising. Companies want to place their products and services in places where their target demographic are looking. If they want to sell their product to the people they realise are reading your blog, they’re going to want to make sure their products appear somewhere on your blog. This way, your readers will see them and may be tempted to purchase them. It’s as simple as that! Here are the three main ways bloggers can make money from the ads on their blogs.

On-Page Ads

If you build your blog up enough, chances are you’ll get a pretty broad readership. This could extend from your friends and family to a worldwide audience. Any company that’s looking to show off their goods is going to be drawn to the space that is your blog! This is why they may reach out to you and pay you to advertise their products in the banners of your webpage, through pop ups on your blog or in ad spaces between your posts.

Sponsored Posts

You may also be asked to create a sponsored post in exchange for payment. This will essentially mean that you get paid by a company to write up a blog post that endorses one of their products. It will generally involve complimenting and recommending the product to your readership. This could influence your readers to make a purchase and will make the company money. Let’s look at a few examples. If you run a beauty blog, a makeup company could pay you to write a good review of one of their latest lipsticks. If you have a travel blog, a company might pay you to stay at and review their hotel. If you run a fitness blog, a brand may want you to promote their home gym equipment or gym wear.

On-Site Merchandise

If you’re extremely popular, you may begin to get a fan base. If this is the case, you can create your own merchandise, which you can sell through a store on your blog. This is a simple way to make direct money from sales!

Creating a High Quality Blog

If this all sounds good to you, it’s time to get started. Now, there are plenty of free blogging platforms out there, but if you want to be seen as professional or serious, you could probably do with setting up your own website. This will involve working with a web designer, a web developer and perhaps a UX designer (or “user experience” designer). These professionals can all work together to create a page that’s not only appealing, but also functional for your readers. You’ll have to focus on all sorts of areas. From creating a logo to settling on a colour scheme, selecting a font, splitting your page into subpages with different categories and subcategories and learning things like what is card sorting in UX. Once your blog is created, you can start coming up with some content!

Choosing an Area of Specialism

The first step towards creating great content is to choose an area of specialism. People want to know what they’ll be getting when they come to your blog. If you regularly jump from one topic to another, you’ll find it hard to maintain a base of loyal readers who check in regularly. There are various blog categories out there that you might like to look into. Some of the most popular include fashion, hair, makeup, lifestyle, travel, business, parenting, news and more. You could, of course, go more niche if you like!

Creating a Schedule

As well as consistency in subject matter, readers tend to like consistency in the time and dates of your posts. So, come up with a schedule. How regularly are you going to post? You want to keep people engaged, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Most will settle on every other day. Sure, this may seem like a lot. But you need to treat this like a career if you’re going to profit from it like a career. Try to post at the same time when you do post. Evenings are generally best, as people are home from work and able to actually check in and read.

As you can see, there really is a lot to take into account when it comes to blogging professionally. It may take a little time to get up and running and it will take some time to build a regular readership. But patience is a virtue and can really pay off when it comes to this!

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