May 8, 2020

Our Aspin Dogs

These are just throwback pictures of our two Aspin dogs when they were still puppies. This was taken last 2014. I find them really cute here so I want to post them on my blog.

Meet Margaux and Pumba, they are now grown up dogs. When they were just puppies, they were really naughty and they used destroy a lot of things inside the house. 

They loved to play and they used to run around the house. 

May 3, 2020

Spending Summer during Lockdown

Well most of us are supposed to be planning where to go this summer and most resorts are jampacked with people. But this year, it's the other way around. Most of us stay at home because of the lockdown. We must stay at home to be safe and avoid getting the virus or become a carrier. It's just sad that unexpectedly, our normal lives have changed because of COVID-19. But still, I am hoping that this will be over soon and we can be back to our daily stuff. 

Anyways, if there is no COVID-19, maybe I'm out picking my favorite mango. We have a mango tree at our yard. But unfortunately, I am not staying at our house now so I don't get to do mango picking. In this picture, we went to a friends place wherein they have lots of mango trees on their yard. The mango trees are so short that we can reach the fruits easily.

Of course, we would also go swimming instead of staying at home. This is Poracay resort in Pampanga. I went there with my friends last 2014.
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