Sep 29, 2007

mah dream house...

Having a beautiful and clean house was one of my frustrations... I never experienced living in a presentable house. I don't intend to have a very expensive and big house. But I want a clean and presentable one.

To be honest, I never had a house like this. My father owns an auto shop and he works just in our yard. I've nothing against his work or business. But in my own opinion, he should still consider the cleanliness of our house. Our looks like a junk shop. There are lots or wastes scattered around our yard... and I hate to see it. It pains me whenever I hear never comments from my friends. Even if some of our guest don't give positive or negative comment, I still feel ashamed.

Because your home reflects your personality.

We tried to throw some of the wastes in our house. But we were shocked when my father put it back. How I hate it! Even if our house is very simple, I wanted it to be clean because that's the most important thing. Sometimes, I am very hesitant to bring or invite my friends at home.

That's why I said to myself that when I have my own house in the future, I will see to it that my house is very clean. I don't care whether my house is very small as long as it is clean...

Just wanted to share it with you guys... hehe

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