Sep 27, 2007


Giving your resignation letter to your boss is really hard especially when your boss has treated you so kind. But sometimes we have to make a very difficult decision which is to resign because we found a much better opportunity. I know it's hard to leave a company that you used to enjoy to work with but then if you stay in your company, there might be regrets in the future... the what ifs...

Tonight, I just talked to my boss and gave to him my resignation letter. Honestly, I still want to stay in his company because I enjoy working in his company a lot. The work is very easy and I don't find any difficulties in there. But then, my profession is a nurse so I have to pursue my career as a nurse. I know that there much better oppotunities if I pursue my real profession.

I'm already attached with my students. I'm going to miss them a lot because they somehow make me happy even if I'm having hard times teaching them. Sometimes, I consider them as my outlet when I'm sad. I can forget my problems when I talk to them because I have to show them that I'm happy and I'm in the mood to teach them even if it's not in order to drive their interest to study.

I'm only working as a part-time online English teacher but I didn't know that my boss is already planning to change my status into full-time. Oh! I feel like I wanted to stay but then my mother is also forcing me to resign in this work since I have to apply to a hospital to work as a nurse. My mom also fears about the work schedule because my work ends at 11:00 in the evening and that time is very dangerous.

Well... I really have to make the tough decision. I really have to choose only one. I like to pursue them both. I'm thinking right now if I'll just work here until December and then apply to a hospital by January since it's really hard to find a hospital this season because this season is not the ideal time to apply for a hospital.

I hope I will be happy to whatever decision I will make. I'm so tired of thinking and thinking about a lot of problems. It feels uneasy if there's always bugging in your mind..,. right???

I really do hope that I will still be happy for whatever the outcome is... I hope there would be no regrets....

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