Oct 7, 2007

congratulations to pacquiao

I wanted to congratulated Manny "PACMAN" Paquiao for winning the fight with Marco Antonio Barrera. The Filipino people are very proud of you especially the attitude that you showed in front of many people during your fight. The Filipino people are united again...

Philippines is a stressful country, with so many problems that Filipino people face each day, they were able to forget it and set them aside for just one day to watch Pacquiao's battle with Barrera. It's funny to say but even the snatchers and holduppers stop searching for their victims and they watch Pacquiaos fight. Yes, it's true because it is reported in the news during his last game that there is 0% crime rate during his game. I'm not sure if it's still 0% (I wasn't able to watch the news today... sorry)

Pacquiao deserves to win. He is really a winner in every Filipino's heart...

Congratulations to you...

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