Oct 23, 2007

do you really have to be HOOOOTTTTT?????

Do you really have to be HOT in order to be noticed by guys? The first time I went to a bar I've noticed that most girls are dressed in sexy clothes, most of them are wearing short shorts or mini skirts. Some are wearing tank tops (I can already see their nipples with my naked eye). I even saw a girl dancing with a guy, she's wearing a spaghetti strap blouse with her cleavage out, she didn't it if her boobs are popping out her blouse. And yeah... the guy was touching her boobs but the girl didn't mind it. She just enjoyed dancing.

Then it came to my mind, is this really happening??? Well... It was my first time in a bar that time, so I had no idea about those things. But I thought to myself... ?Do you really have to be HOT so that cute guys will notice you?


  1. Just dress how it is comfortable with you. I like to wear jean skirts with boots but I wont wear them that short, I buy a size or two larger because well, I don't want to be worried ppl see my undies hahaha!

    Looks do get you in the door but a guy should fall in love with YOU not your looks.

    The girl letting the guy touch her boobs sounds like a total skank..a guy should be more respectful than that, but since she was dressed like a $10 hooker... ohwell!

    You're cute and I am sure you will have no problems finding the RIGHT guy... there are loosers all over the place- who just want an easy hook up.

    Just be you, as hard as it is in society today.

  2. thanks a lot... heather, well... that was my observations when I went to a bar. Yeah... being simple really rocks and you'd be able to find simple guys. aight...



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