Oct 5, 2007

extend for work

Well, my boss ask me if I could extend my work until November 15. (I already filed a resignation and informed him that I would be working until November 8. ) I feel like I wanted to accept my boss' offer. I still wanted to stay in his company. Actually, I'm thining that what if I would just extend my contract until December. I wanted to save money because I still don't have any savings until now. I'm only earning P7,000 a month and that's a very small amount. I have to pay my debts and sometimes I spend for my boyfriend because he's still studying. Whew!!! It's really a very tough decision to make, because I have to apply as a nurse. I have to start my clinical experience so that I could complete my 2 years experience and so that I could apply abroad as a nurse (preferrably in California because my Aunt and her family lives there.)

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