Oct 8, 2007

factors that causes stress to kids

These are the factors that aggravates to stress. I hope this would be able to help the parents.

1. Parent having problems.
2. Fight with a friend or a sibling.
3. Taking a test.
4. Wondering if someone thinks you're attractive (teens especially).
5. Not having enough privacy.
6. Birth of a brother or sister.
7. Moving to a new school.
8. Re/marriage of a parent.
9. Not having enough money.
10. A teacher who doesn't like you.

The best way to keep stress away is to have a balanced life. You should make a time for your kids for them to feel that they are special. Prepare them their favorite meal during weekends. Go out with them like going to the mall for shopping or going to a movie house to watch their favorite movie. Treat them like your friend so that they could open up with you what stresses them most so you could give them advises especially about school. In this way, you could prevent any further problem that your child might experience.

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  1. Nice post here, thanks for sharing the tips. It is informative. Anyway, as for linking, I will add you to my blog. Thanks for adding me, Janey. Regards to you.



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