Oct 24, 2007

i miss them so much

I miss all of my students at Easy Academy so much. They're so cute and fun to be with. I wish I could see these kids again. I'm so happy that I've met them. If I could only visit them all in Korea.. hehe... I hope so...

My sweetest student JIM. He is very cute and lovable. He's my most patient and polite student. He would always follow my instructions during our class.

Scrabble addict!!! Sometimes it pisses 'coz she always wanted to play scrabble and she gets sleepy when we start our class. But she's funny though, By the way, her name is Jenny.

She's not actually my student but I substituted one of her teacher. She's very smart and friendly. I got attached to this student because she's very nice. She's also a fashionista. She's tall and beautiful... as you can see her on her pic. She's Jessica...

She's Katie and she loves to talk about her bestfriend and at the same her crush. But unfortunately, she wasn't able to study for last 3 days. She got allergies all over her body. I wasn't able to say goodbye to her. I hope she will not forget me.

I would never forget this student. Her name is Jewel. She's so "pasaway."
It's very hard to please her. Buti na lang she's cute. If she doesn't want to study, she will not. I have to think for a strategy to catch her attention. She's very naughty but a very smart student. She can talk in English fluently. She's sweet... She would give me a snack during our class with matching surprise... Hehe... She even gave me a goodbye letter when she was leaving.

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