Oct 10, 2007

i visited my beloved alma mater

I just visited my school to get my diploma. But I have to return tomorrow to claim it. I still have to get my alumni card and my Transcript of Records for my NCLEX. I still have to get a certification from our Dean... it is one of the requirements for NCLEX...

How I miss my Alma Mater so much. I can still remember those days when I was just a student... so busy doing all the stuffs like reviewing for the exams and quizzes, preparing for the role play, waiting for my classmates for our duty, meeting for our group activity, and etc... We used to hang around to what we call Pavilion, it was where we do our assignments and other stuffs...

When I saw the students in my school... doing their assignments, I just smiled. I thought to myself... I used to be like them...

When I sat in the Pavilion, the students on my table were discussing about their role play... they were also practicing their lines... I remember our days when we were also doing our role play... We even laughed during our practice and make fun with our roles. We even said to ourselves that we were not just nursing students but we were also mass communication students at the same time we ended up calling our course as Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Major in Theater Arts... because we always had our role playing may it be a minor or major subject.

I wish I could go back to my college days... but I have to fulfill my career as a nurse... so after that recalling my college days thing, I went straight to the Administration to process my diploma. But unfortunately, I had to return tomorrow.

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