Oct 15, 2007

My Honey Got Sick

My boyfriend got a fever for three days. Even if he was sick, he still went in our house. I got alarmed when his fever was burning hot. He said that his head is aching and he can't bear it anymore. He told me to bring him to the hospital. But I had no money that time. My brother didn't even lent me a money and he didn't even want us to drive him to the hospital. I called his mom to inform her about my boyfriend's condition but it was already late night and she was in her sister's house that time.

I had no choice but to take a cab to East Avenue Hospital. We had decided to pick his mom up first before going to the Hospital. But on our way to the hospital, his fever went down. But we had to make sure if he's okay so we still headed to the hospital. The doctor just gave him a request for laboratory test for urinalysis and cbc. He was also given a prescription. He was given antibiotic which is ciprofloxacin; and paracetamol. The doctor advised us to come back by Monday but his mom was already worrying...

We got home at about 2 in the morning and we were all very tired. My boyfriend got a little fever. We were thinking if he had already a dengue fever or just a UTI.

It was almost lunch time when we woke up. We had to take him to the laboratory for his urinalysis and cbc. We took him to Medical City clinic which was located in SM Fairview. We had to wait for an hour for his Laboratory Results.

Thank God he didn't have Dengue or UTI but he had a viral infection. The doctor advised him to take Gatorade with ORS as many as he can in one day. They had to anticipate his WBC level. It was normal but it wasn't that high. So our goal for him was to make is WBC level go up. He had to go back to the Clinic for has CBC on Monday to check his WBC leve.

I hope his platelet level will increase so that he will be okay and he will not come back to the clinic anymore.

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