Oct 6, 2007

so many numbers in my mind...

I've been thinking a lot these past few days... and I hate to think about it.... It's all because of the money. Well... I hate having problems especially when the root cause is money... Money is just money. But I need cash to get my license in Nursing. I also need cash for my Red Cross (I need to pay at least 1,500 bucks in order to join that) and I need cash to pay my debts.

I just received my salary tonight. Instead of receiving 3,500 bucks as the usual amount, I only got 2,800 because of the two-day Korean Holiday. I didn't even have a bonus because I had a late. I really pity myself. How am I going to get my license? How am I going to join the Red Cross? And how am I going to pay my debts.

Im broke...

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