Nov 18, 2007

a car of my own

I just read ANAPS' blog about having a vehicle of her own. And it triggers my wanting to have my own car,too. We already got a car. My mom bought it for us, her children. But sad to say, I cannot drive it everyday. There are many limitations because it's not just me who owns it but my brother and sister. That's why I'm hoping that my blog will be approved by payperpost. I'm also looking for another online job.

Damn, I've been dreaming of having a car since I was in high school. I am now a college graduate but I haven't got my own car yet. I'm not into a brand new car thing. A Honda Civic Esi is ok for me. I want to pimp it and color it pink or red or black or whatever... as long as I can have my own ESi.

Actually, that was our first car before, but I havent enjoyed driving it. As I've told you there were lots of limitations. So to get rid of those limitations, why not buy a car of my own. But the only thing needed is a moohlah... Yeah... that's the most important thing to have a car of your own. That's why I'm working hard right to buy my ESi one of these days. I will be needing it when I work in the hospital as a nurse and later on as a clinical instructor.

It's not just a want but a necessity, too!

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