Nov 12, 2007


I was so emotional this day. I couldn't make up my mind. There were a lot of questions that were coming into my mind. And everytime I think about it... Tears were coming out my eyes...Even if I try to stop them, they would still flow out of my eyes.

Should I let go to the one who I was holding on for the past 8 months? Or should I stay with him? Do I still love him? What should I do?

I'm into confusion right now... I couldn't decide... I'm mad at him. I wanna let go but everytime I think of it there's something stopping me.

I cried a lot this day... He didn't call or text me. Is this a sign to hold on? I was thinking to end it up if he called or texted me.

Tomorrow is our 8 monthsary... And it breaks my heart to think about letting go on that day. But I'm hurting a lot... I feel a lot of pains right now...

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