Nov 19, 2007

Money Matters

My boyfriend and I just had a fight about money matters last night. He was asking me where my monthly salary goes. And I wasn't able to give him a reason. I really don't know where my money goes. As long as I can remember, it goes to my fare going to my work, sometimes I treat him at a fastfood resto, some of my money goes to my personal needs like toiletries and some goes to my pets. I'm only working as a part time tutor. My salary is only about 7 thou a month. And for me that's a few amount if I have a lot of expenses. I don't know how to explain these things to him. He thinks that I'm not spending my money wisely but I think I am. I was able to save almost 2 thou for the past weeks. I was just allocating it for something else. I am applying for an online job and it needs a fee.

Well... Honey sorry if I wasn't able to save money. But I think I did. I just need your patience and understanding. I know there will be a time that I'm gonna be able to buy you something out of my money but all I need is time.

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  1. Hi,

    Save your money. Legit online jobs don't require any fee. Having been in here for a long time, I can surmise that you are being led to a site that will not have any job at all. You will be made to earn money by recruiting people to join and pay joining fees. It's just like most of the MLM's in the Philippines- people make money on recruitment. Don't be scammed.

    Visit Vito's site for legit job opportunities:

    Ingat. Cheers!


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