Nov 4, 2007


After that incidence, my sister and I went to the parlor. She wanted to have a manicure and pedicure. I didn't want to have one because I always do it by myself. When we got to the parlor, the woman asked me if I want to have threading. THREADING... what an interesting word. It was my first time to hear this. Well... according to the woman, instead of shaving your eyebrows, they would use a thread instead. Yes, it is literally a thread. I got curious about it, so I tried. Ouch!!! It hurts a lot. My eyes even teared for it. I really hurts. I feel like I wanted to stop it but the woman already started the procedure. But I was very satisfied when I saw the outcome. It was better than shaving though it really hurts. The woman told me it hurts because it was first time but it doesn't hurt anymore for the second. So, here's my eyebrows right now. Just wanted to share you my pic...

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