Nov 4, 2007

What an Honest Man

My sister accidentally dropped her cellphone just this day. She didn't noticed that her cellphone fell from her pocket. She just noticed it when she arrived to where she was going. She called me and she was quite worried. She asked me if she left her cellphone. I looked all over our house and I can't find her cellphone. So what I did I dialled her number and tried to call. It was ringing. Luckily, a guy answered the phone and he told me that my sister left her cellphone in her tricycle. So, the one who got my sister's cellphone was a tricycle driver.

He was so kind to tell me that he got my sister's cellphone and he even told me where to meet him. I didn't expect that guy would return the cellphone. And when I saw him, I was really thankful to him. I thanked him many times because if other people got it, they would probably just keep it.

What an honest man...

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