Nov 29, 2007


day, I'm going to claim my Nurse License. When I was waiting for it, my name was called... I thought I was gonna get my license but the registrar told me that there was a discrepancy on my records. My date of birth was not the same. Whaaattt??? I have to go back to the records section again to fix the discrepancy??? Oh my goodness, I was so excited about it.

It wasn't my fault if the date of my birth is not the same with the other form. It wasn't me who wrote it was one of the registrars before. It wasn't even my handwriting so I'm really sure about it. Oh... The man on the records section told me that they will fix the problem by next week since the Nursing Licensure Exam is scheduled this Sunday so it means they don't have time for this matter.

But I think it's unfair because as far as I know it wouldn't be a long process to fix the problem, it was just written incorrectly. Life is really unfair. I hope I would be able to claim my license by next week. HOPEFULLY...

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