Dec 15, 2007

Whatta Helmet!

My feet was aching because I had to find a helmet for our exchange gift.

My first stop was on Tandang Sora, my co-teacher said there was a store of helmets along the way going to Katipunan. So I decided to take a walk since I didn't have any idea where can I find the shop. Imagine, I was wearing pump shoes! And it was 2inches high. Oh my goodness! It was a very very long way and I couldn't find any shop for that helmet.

Finally! I was able to find one. But the bad thing was, the helmet costs around P900-P1000. Whatta helmet. The budget was only P200. I was very disappointed. So I asked the tricycle driver where can I find a cheap helmet. And you know what the tricycle driver told me? I can find the shop never Ever.

I went to Tandang Sora to find for that helmet. But there you go, I can just find it near our office which was along Ever Commonwealth. But I still had to walk along Commonwealth. Because it was about 2 kilometers away from Ever. I saw the first shop and I asked them if they have a helmet. Luckily, they have one. And it's very cheap. I only bought it for P180. I was able to save P20. hehe

But when I got to our office, my feet were aching. That's really the burden of being a petite.

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