Jan 22, 2008


I already got my records from our municipal in Isabela. They instructed me to authenticate it at NSO but when I came on that place, they said that the documents that I presented were not complete. What the hell? They didn't give me the list of requirements and all they said to me was to get a copy from my municipal and correct the clerical error on my name. How come that they are asking me some other papers? Why didn't they tell me about this before?

I really hate the service in our government. The government employees are not that friendly. They would sometimes yell at you. Like what I've experienced when I was filing in PRC.

Now, the copies that I've got from our municipal is useless. I still have to fix other documents in order to approve my birth certificate by the NSO. I'm blaming my father for this matter. He didn't even fix this problem when I was young and when I was asking him about this, he just said he doesn't know about this. What kind of parent are you? Now, I'm suffering a lot. I cannot get my nurse license because of it, and until now, I cannot apply for a job in the hospital because I don't have a license.

Whew! It's really clueless on when is my birth certificate will be fixed. I'm really depressed and while I was in the bus, my eyes was teary because all I was expecting was that it will be fixed by today. But I was wrong. This is really annoying and I don't want to expect anymore. I'm just praying that it will be fixed soon.

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