Feb 10, 2008

The FEU Virtual Laboratory

It was our beloved Dean Annabelle Borromeo's project to organize such program to nursing students - the Virtual Laboratory. It has the mini Emergency Room, mini Delivery Room, Mini Operating Room and other areas in the hospital. Nursing students are able to observe and practice in that laboratory e.g. IV insertion to a simulator and not with another student like what we used to do.

What I like about this project is that students are able to visualize the hospital the real settings in the hospital.And FEU students can now say goodbye this word: ASSUMING. Because we always used to assume about our return demonstration. LOL...

Unfortunately, my batch didn't experienced this. Well... we just had an observation. During that time, the equipments were not yet complete. I hope that the succeeding batches are happy with it and now they can say that their tuition fee is worth the price. LOL... This is the very first virtual lab in the Philippines and I'm very proud of it because it is my Alma Mater. Go Tamaraws!

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