Mar 31, 2008

Stupid Decision

I decided to buy a temporary parts for my desktop computer so I can subscribe to a broadband service. I only bought the cheap parts since I was thinking of buying a new one when I earn enough money from my online job. But unfortunately, it has a problem. Whenever I turn it on, I have to restart it. It doesn't wanna open on the first time so everytime that I have to use my computer, I have to restart it. And I think that this wouldn't be healthy for my computer. It might not last that long. I felt like I was so stupid buying very cheap parts but I had no choice because that was my only budget. Oh boy, I thought I'm gonna be able to work comfortably with my CPU with some new parts but I was so wrong. We brought it back just this Sunday to have it checked. I was so happy because the technician fixed it and there was no problem when he checked it. But when we got home, it was still the problem. Oh boy, I hope I just didn't buy cheap parts. But I really had no choice. Until now, I'm wondering what was the problem with my computer. I hope it will last for at least half a year so I could have enough time to save and buy a new one. How I hope so...

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