Jun 10, 2008

EK's Homecoming

I miss this guy a lot. I can still remember our high school days. I had a very wonderful memory with him. Okay, we didn't have a love affair but we started as best enemies and we ended up as close friends. Too bad, he had to go to Canada. Whatever his reason is, I'm so glad that he came home.

I only got this pictures from my friends. Poor me, I wasn't able to bring my bro's digicam, I could've taken a lot more pictures here. Anyways, I got 4 pictures... least.

EK, Me, Aileen, and Jacky

Me, Grace, and Aiza


With my boyfie...

EK and me. I wouldn't wanna miss this moment 'coz I'm not really sure if it will happen again.

Too bad, I got home early, boyfie had a bad headache again. I hope EK and I will have another time together before he goes back to Canada.

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