Jun 15, 2008

I Can Do This!

Women are always discriminated on the road by men. I can still remember when a man said this, "Siguro babae ang cdriver niyang auto na yan, di sigurado kung mag-oovertake o hinde eh." Another is, "kaya pala eh, babae kasi ang driver."

According to my brother, it is women's weakness when it comes to calculations. That's the reason (?) why most women are having difficulty when it comes to parking. But I've noticed that nowadays, more and more women can drive and some are even better drivers that men and some can even race.

Okay, the reason why I wrote this topic is that i"m very scared to drive. My license is already 1 year old but I cant' still drive on high way. Poor me... I was expecting pa naman that by 2007 I can drive anywhere I want. I admit I lack the that everytime I try to drive my weakness overpowers me. If I know, madamot lang siya. LOL

I know I can do this. Practice makes perfect. Ayt!

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