Jul 14, 2008

My First Day of Work in the Hospital

I'm pretty nervous 'coz this is my very first day of exposure in the hospital. No more clinical instructors to lean on whenever I have questions or when I needed their help. Oh! I hate this area, I was assigned in tuberculosis but I'm quite thankful that my shift is at night. Less patient less toxic.

I hope everything's gonna be fine. I'm all by myself right now. No, classmates to lean on and I'm not a student anymore. I'm a licensed nurse now. It's really tough being a professional. There's a lot of responsibilities.

I hope the doctors won't yell at me if I would do something wrong.

I have a lot of worries right now and all I hope and pray is that everything's gonna be alright.

I hope that the staff nurses are kind and are willing to help me.

Whew!!! That's all for now, I have to eat my dinner now and fix my self. I have to be early tonight. First impression, lasts. hehe

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