Sep 18, 2008

You Will Always be Remembered Inang

This video was her pictures during her visit in Australia...

For me, it was really painful to see my Inang's (Grandmother) death because I wasn't there when she was still alive and I've never seen her for the past 3 years because she was in the US. It pains our family to keep us clueless regarding her death because when we look at her, we feel that she suffered because she died.

I hope she is now happy with God. I miss Inang so much and I feel sad that when I get to US, I will no longer see my Inang. Everytime I remember her, there are still tears that come out my eyes.

I miss you Inang and I will always be thankful for all the good things that you did to us.

We love you so much and we will never forget you...

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