Jan 27, 2009

New Pinay YouTube Sensations

Charice Pempengco has been a very successful international singer ever since her videos has made a lot of hits on YouTube. She was able to meet Ellen Degeneres, Celine Dione, Oprah Winfrey and other Hollywood Stars.

Another Pinay, this time two Pinays are making their way to stardom when Ellen DeGeneres invited them to her show - "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The Duo, who are better known as "RIN ON THE ROX" have almost 72,000 subscribers in their YouTube channel.

Rin or Erin Paula is a pure pinay (20 years old) and Rox or Roxanne is half white. They are based in California, USA.

"Recently, I found these two singers on the internet. These two girls are singing in the bathroom. So they are fantastic. If you are watching right now, please, please come on the show if you are watching. We have a wonderful bathroom here... But seriously, you are great. So please, please come on the show if you would like to," ... Ellen DeGeneres

These are some of the videos I've watched from their YouTube Channel:

You can watch more of their videos here: Rin on the Rox

*I should give credit to their YouTube channel for posting their videos here on my blog. I hope they wouldn't be mad at me.

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