Feb 20, 2009

I Have To Move On

Well... Those are just part of my memories now. What we had was a really great relationship but had ended so soon. Well, at least I have loved and learned a lot from it. For almost two years of our relationship, I can say that I had loved him with all my life and it's time for me to love myself. Unfortunately, we didn't had a good closure but I'm still quite happy that my sufferings and emotional aches have ended. It's time for me to love another man. I know he's okay now and he's loving a new girl. That's life, we have to stay positive. I know we had made plans on marrying each other and having our own kids but they're just plain memories now. Well, that's life we love and break up and love a new one and might break up again. Life is full of surprises that sometimes we don't understand why someone has to go and ended up with questions. I know time will heal.

Just a part of my memory now.

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