Apr 10, 2009

Does Age Really Matters?

When someone falls in love with an older guy, probably 10 years older or 15 years or much more; some people would definitely think that it's absurd and ridiculous. Or much worse than that! Others would consider it as gross and would for sure react like this way: YUCK!!!

Oh well, we can not blame these stupid people if that's the way they think about it. May they be Hollywood or Local Celebrities, there are couples who have a long age gap and they don't mind it at all. Like Micheal Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones which I think has a 25 year age gap but their relationship is still going strong. Even Zsa Zsa Padilla and Dolphy or Pia Guanio and Vic Sotto, these couples are not ashamed of their relationship - because they don't have anything to be ashamed of.

If you do really love a person, the looks, attitudes and even age is exceptional because you love that personal for being who he is. I think those people who think negative about this kind of relationship are narrow-minded people or worse, insecure people. These are the kind of people who would find nonsense reasons just to be able to say something - why you're hooked with an old man.

If you do really love that person you will love him unconditionally without any questions in your mind. He's more than 10 years older than you? So what! At least you are happy with the man you love.

Let's just put it this way, no matter what other people will say, it is you who knows best. Don't mind them if these narrow minded people tell you that the only reason you love this man is because of his money and status in life.

'Cause I myself have fallen' in love with an older man. It's not because that he's a doctor but it's more than that. He is a very nice person and very humble. Physical looks? This one fades, but the personality that the person has will stay forever.

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