Apr 23, 2009

New Web Hosting Service

I've been thinking of having my own domain name. I feel that it has more advantage if I get my own domain name. As a blogger, my blogs would be more competent and I could get more opportunities when it comes to advertising. I've been asking my friends which web hosting service has a great deal and has a reasonable price. And they suggested me to try web hosting rating. According to them, this site will give me an idea to which web hosting service will suit my preference. Web hosting rating has rated the top ten best Web Hosting Providers and I think readers like me who also can't decide to which service they will subscribe to might get an enlightenment on which is the best Web Hosting Provider. You can also read each Providers' review and rating. In that way, you'll see which Provider is better. You can also view which Provider has received awards like Best Blog Hosting, Best Budget Hosting and others. I think these are really helpful in finding your own Web Hosting Service. I'm able to find great deals and great plans and I guess I might be able to get my own domain name on this site. I'm really excited about this since I've been wanting to have my own domain name for my blog.


  1. awww.. matagal ko na den plan yan pero hindi ko pa den nagagawa until now.. hehe.. ^^

  2. Ako din sobrang tagal na gusto magkadomain name pero di ko na din nagawa. Mejo late na din kasi. Hehehe



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