Apr 23, 2009


I started playing volleyball when I was in 4th grade and until now, I'm still in love with this sport. I'm not really a professional player nor the star player in the team but I love doing the spiking thing. Everytime I make a sharp spike, I feel good inside. I used to be a varsity player when I was in 5th or 6th grade (I don't remember exactly). I can still remember, I just stayed in the bench waiting for my turn to play on the court. Because I wasn't really that good that time. But I was glad I was part of the team. But in high school, I was able to be on the first six.

Who could forget these two lovely volleyball players from Brazil? Leila Barros have touched many people's heart with her charm and skills when it comes to spikes. Erika Coimbra is also my favorite in team Brazil. She can give a mean spike to her opponents and a fantastic jump serve.

Right now, I'm still playing with my best buddy when it comes to volleyball. We just play for fun and sometimes we play with other neighborhood who plays this kind of sport as well and we sometimes have a small amount of bet. It is really fun and exciting.

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