Apr 11, 2009

Western Funitures

My mom and I are thinking of having a nice and comfy western furniture for my room. I am planning to change my room's concept. I want to design my room from nothing to something. Since our house is Western inspired, why not match it with my room? I researched all over the internet to get an idea on what kind of style and design should I put on my room and I found this nice picture. I find this set of furniture interesting to have in my room because they are unique and elegant. I really love it's rustic theme since it's almost the shade of gold and I love the color of gold. I think gold wouldn't be nice to look at inside my room so I think that the rusty color fits better for my room. It is very appealing to the eyes - not too dark and not too much light. I am a very organized person and having cabinets on my room would really help me in organizing my things. The western furniture concept is a wonderful idea! I'll start renovating my room now so I could achieve a room like this.

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