Jul 5, 2009

Iza's Despedida Dinner

Last Friday, we had a Despedida Dinner at Jay J's 'coz it would take so long to see my friend Iza again because she's going abroad the next day. It was fun after all, although some were not able to get there.
After the dinner, we headed our way to Tagaytay instead of going home.

Result, I wasn't able to work when I arrived at home, it was already 3 a.m. in the morning and I was so sleepy but all I did was to talk and share stories with my friend 'coz she stayed in our house.

I hope we could another get together because I really had fun. Besides, I don't get to enjoy this things since I'm very busy with my homebased job.


  1. how come i can't find you in plurk? anyway, add me na lang po.. feistygwacee :)

  2. hello, i've been trying to add you kaso add as a fan ang nakikita ko. Jane Dee name ko sa plurk. TY

  3. can't add you,, not registered daw ikaw.. ewan, gulo.. hehehe... anyway, it's angelchachu@yahoo.com.. you could add me as "fan" tapos cancel na lang once in the list.. pampadagdag din ng karma! hahaha



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