Jul 15, 2009

To My Family

It's really devastating for me when I feel like my family is not supporting me in everything that I do. When all they do is judge without even understanding my situation. You should do this and stop doing that. You know I feel like I'm living under a dictatorship. I've got my own plans for my self and family and I hate them for telling me what to do and what not to do. All I need is their support and understanding. I'm not rebelling or anything but I wanna be me. I wanna do want I want.

They cannot just say, "Hey! stop working from your online job and apply to any hospitals or much better abroad." Yes, I wanted to do that but first, I need money for my applications and other stuff. Where will I get money if you're no longer giving me a peso? I really wanted to work as a nurse but I don't wanna hurry.

I'm not asking for any amount anymore and I work hard just to earn a living for myself. Please understand that and don't get mad at me if you feel like I'm not interested or focusing on my career as a nurse. I'm still focused and very much interested to be a nurse. I really do love my profession it's just that I have to earn for myself. It's really my pride that I can support myself.

I love my online job and I'm so thankful that I found Odesk. Without Odesk, I'm not really sure how I've survived. I can still remember when I worked as a volunteer nurse, they didn't give me allowance for it and Odesk was there to help. My memories are still fresh when I tried to ask for allowance since it's hard to work for 2 jobs but then after a month you stopped giving me so I had no choice but to work for my online job. I need money for my fare and food.

I can't make any miracle so please think about my situation. Have you ever asked yourself where am I getting money when you don't give me a single cent? Where am I getting money to spend for my applications? Where am I getting money to pay my own bills (broadband and landline),my personal needs, my clothes and other stuffs? Have you asked your self about that?


  1. ganyan talaga ang buhay sis.. be comforted.. things will turn out right den.. cheers! ^^

  2. Hiya! I was here! :) blog roll visit time! ^_^

    Haven't tried Odesk yet... Siguro I'll have my hubby try that since he doesn't have work yet...

    Maricel --- Momhood Moments

  3. hmmnnn, i've heard a voice of an adolescent being suppressed. yeah true..families sometimes dictates...a sort of clashing between what they think they want and what you think you want and what they think is good for you and what you think is good for yourself. i just hope that you will never get tired of them because afterall they are still your family...time will come that they will be able to understand you... just keep up.



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