Oct 15, 2009

Sa Wakas!

Finally! I was able to send my NCLEX application last Tuesday. I hope there wouldn't be any problem.

Next step is to take the NCLEX review. I'm not ready yet but my sister is forcing me to take the review as in IMMEDIATELY!

I want to self study first while waiting for the eligibility and when it arrives that's the time I wanted to enroll to a review center so what I have reviewed would still be fresh when taking the examination.

But as they say, "bahala na si batman." LOL


  1. hi jhaney,

    i'm not sure what the hold up is but i haven't received my eligibility and i sent all the requirements may pa.. anyway, if i were you, i'd enroll in a review center early. ako kasi more than 3 months na from the time i started at the review center and now i still feel like hindi pa enough yung time. iba kasi pag self-review sa local and sa nclex eh :)

    good luck!

  2. What do you mean hold up? I think nangyayari lang to pag nagkaproblem ka sa application/requirements nila ka mahohold nclex application mo.

    Ayoko kasing madaliin ang pag enroll sa review center. Puede pa naman ako mag self study muna kasi kaka send ko palang ang application ko.

    Thanks. Good luck din sa u.



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