Aug 30, 2010

Maybe It's Not Yet My Time

My cousin wanted to help me apply for a Nurse Position in Ireland but unfortunately, when I was updating my CV, I realized that I only had a 6 month experience as a volunteer nurse and I only attended to few trainings and seminars. I was really disappointed with myself when I realized this matter.

Being a nurse is really difficult here in the Philippines. I've been submitting applications to different hospitals, clinics and companies but until now, I get no call from them. I've been hoping and praying to be hired from any hospital may be government or private. I don't care about the salary at all. If you're really desperate you will really work even in the most inconvenient workplace just to obtain a nursing experience and to be a competent nurse.

But there are regrets on my part. I shoud've just applied as a volunteer again or trainee. Maybe now, I can present more than 6 months of my work experience on my resume. Or I should've attended to different seminars and trainings while waiting for work. At least somehow, I can prove that I am somehow competent.

Looking at the brighter side, maybe it's not yet my time to go abroad. I should enjoy my years here in the Philippines because when it's my time, I know I will shine.=)

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