Sep 19, 2010

Freebie from Smartbro

I went to Smart Center today to pay my Smartbro bill. The cashier advised me to renew my subscription since it was more than 2 years already. The reason for the renewal is that they're giving freebies to Smartbro subscribers when they reach their 2 years contract. That means I will get another freebie by 2012.

I chose portable hard drive because it will be useful for my work. I'll be able to back up my files from my desktop just in case it will need a reboot. I can also use it if I'm going to work on my laptop.


  1. How's your Smart Bro so far dear? I'm looking for an internet provider coz me and my lil brother's sharing a 512 kbps internet connection - hence... slow. :(

    Great giveaway from smartbro btw!

    Maricel of Momhood Moments

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment.

    Sa area namin ok ang SmartBro. Depende kasi sa location mo kung ano yung magandang internet provider. Try to ask your neighbors kung ano gamit nila and see if it's fast and reliable.

    Hope that helps.


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