Nov 5, 2010

Lee Da Hae Insulted the Filipino Teachers???

Lee Da Hae is one of my favorite Korean actress. I find her pretty and cute. I love her character in "My Girl" and I felt happy to see her in "East of Eden" because I'll get to see my favorite actress again. I really appreciate her beauty 'coz she looks so adorable and charming. But the way I look to her changed when I watched this video.

I am not really sure if she's really pertaining to the Filipino teachers as what the translation indicated on the video but I'm sure that it's the Filipinos. I know that sometimes we do make fun of the accent of other nationalities and sometimes we even make fun of our own accent. I have to admit that because I also do the same thing.

Even if I try to ignore this video, it still hurts me because I used to be an English teacher for Korean students. I never posted on my blog or other social networking sites about how they talk in English. I only posted good things about my students. I know that it's okay to make fun of other accents for sometime but it would be better if she just did it privately. Ms. Lee Da Hae you are a public figure and everything you do and say would reflect on your character.

Though she posted an apology on her twitter account: cherry4eva84, I just can't still get over it. You said in your apology that you are not aware that it's the Filipinos that they are pertaining to and it's the Southeast Asia. I don't think that you are not aware of it. I can't understand Hangul but the male host clearly mentioned the word "Philippine."

This degrades the Filipino English teachers when in fact we all know that your fellow Koreans learn English from Filipinos.

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