Dec 14, 2010

Christmas Shopping at Divisoria

I've been very busy last week because almost everyday me and my sister go out to do some errands. It was really a great treat for ourselves to go shopping to Divisoria last Saturday. It's like a treat for ourselves after being so tired the whole week. These are the things I bough from Divisoria:I didn't include on this picture the stuffs I bought for our house.
I bought a leash for our dogs. I found a black collar for Azimo but
unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a red collar for Butchie.
This shorts is actually a buy 1 take 1 but we bought 3 pcs.
since we'll be using this for our out of town.
1 for me, 1 for my sister and 1 for our sister in law.
We might be spending our Christmas at Pangasinan.
A pair of yellow flipflops that I'm also going to use for our swimming vacation.
Found these two blouses at a very cheap price.
Shoe organizer. This would be very useful for my shoes inside my room since
I don't have much space on my old shoe organizer anymore.

We also bought some stuff for our house like hangers, stuff for the bathroom, rugs, mugs as a giveaway, etc. We were all very tired that day and Divisoria was very crowded since most people are doing their shopping for Christmas. I still wanted to buy more but I guess I'll just come back after Christmas season.


  1. Never been to divisoria before but I heard a lot about this place. The clothes are nice and I love the slipper.
    Just dropping by from GT.

  2. I like the shoe organizer :) yes sis, come back after the peak season... mas marami mabibili mo, I'm sure.

  3. Like ko ang shoe organizer. Very helpful esp i you live in a condo wherein you need to save lots of space.

  4. @MeMe, there's a lot of things you can buy at Divisoria at a very reasonable price.

    @hangingbridge, yes sis, babalik talaga ako by next year, medyo nabitin kasi ko, konti lang kasing clothes ang nabili ko.

    @Mrs. Kolca, binili ko agad yung shoe organizer kasi sobrang useful siya.

    By the way I followed all of your blogs. Thank you=)

  5. I like. Parang gusto ko din mag-Divi. =)

  6. my first time to see divisoria was on 2009. i really enjoyed shopping party favors for my baby's first birthday. dapat lang talaga matyaga sa pag-ikot at paghahanap.

    i like the shoe organizer. where in divisoria did you buy that? thanks!

  7. I bought the shoe organizer from the Christmas bazaar near the parking area. I think u can it almost in any part of divisoria nmn.


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