Dec 23, 2010

Pink Cones for our Christmas Tree

Remember the acorns I picked from the beach before? I thought it would be good to turn them as decorations for our Christmas tree. And I loved how it turned out. I painted the acorns with pink since this is my favorite color and I thought it would be good to put a contrasting color for our Christmas tree.

The cones are too small for our Christmas tree so I just glued three acorns in a set. I just used a  pink poster paint and a small brush so I can brush the tiny holes and corners of the cones. I also used a pink glitter glue so it will give the pink cones a sparkling effect. I just used paper clips because it's easier to attach compared to a thread.

From brown to pink!

I just inserted the paper clips on the center of the three cones I've glued. This is very easy to hang on the Christmas tree that's why I preferred the paper clips more than the thread. Another reason is that it's harder to tie the thread on the cones and it would take a lot of time compared to the paper clips.

Tadaaaan! Here's the final output of my pink cones project. I hope you liked it as much as i did. =)


  1. excuse my ignorance :) this is my first time to see how acorns look like... kala ko they look like the one on the movie Ice Age heheh!

  2. It made me confused too. Sorry, I have to edit this blog post. All I knew it was an acorn but I tried to Google it and I found out that this was from a pine tree family so I guess it would be better to call them cones. Thanks for your comment.


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