Dec 6, 2010

Shopping for Christmas

My sister and I just went shopping. When it comes to jewelries, my sister is really addicted and I get speechless about it. Honestly, I think I'm also getting addicted to it. I'm very thankful that I didn't buy one 'coz I'm really on a tight budget. But my sister did buy one 'coz there were jewelries that were on sale so she grabbed that chance since it's Christmas season and she told me that it would be her gift to herself. The sales lady told us that the price of gold is getting higher nowadays in our country so it's really a good investment to buy jewelries because in the future, it will cost higher than its present price. But what about those people who are not fond of buying or collecting jewelries? I suggest that you just buy gold coins instead of jewelries. They have the same advantages. Gold coins could also be used as an investment and you could use them in the future just in case you will be needing money or anything. While they're cheap, try to get them so in the future, you'll benefit from your gold coins.

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