Dec 29, 2010

Spending Christmas Away from Home

     This is my first time to celebrate Christmas in Ilocos with the family. We had a very simple celebration but it was fun. I love swimming on the beach and observing the beautiful sceneries in Pagudpud. The beaches are very clean and now I saw what they call the Boracay of the North. We stayed in Ilocos for 3 days and I think it's still not enough for us. How I wished we stayed there longer. 

     We ate fresh fish that we just bought from the fishermen in Saud. We just grilled the fish and it was really delicious! This is my first time to eat a very fresh fish. Eating fresh fish has never been this good for me. 

    We were able to visit other places in Ilocos aside from Pagudpud like the Windmills in Bangui, Cape Bojeador and Kapurpurawan. 

    The vacation was really worth it eventhough it took us more or less 10 hours travelling. We only used a Toyota Avanza and there were 8 passengers (6 adults, 2 children). If you could only imagine how we looked inside that car. We were like sardines. LOL... Well, we planned on renting a car but the owner charged us for P4,000/day ($94/day) and the gasoline is not yet included. That's very pricey!

     It was really sulit. I hope I could come back to Ilocos again. 


  1. Oh wow! I've heard so much about Pagudpod. Friends have been inviting me to go there kaya lang I couldn't get off work before. Now that I don't have work, I have a kid... more reason not to leave for vacation haaay! someday, I'd like to enjoy fresh fish grilled in Pagudpod too. crossing my fingers! :)

  2. It was really awesome staying at Pagudpud. The place was great, serence, and very relaxing. Fresh pa ang air.


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