Jan 22, 2011

Expired Cosmetics

Every start of the year, I always check my make-up kit to see if there would be a cosmetic that needs to be thrown away. Gosh! I didn't notice this eyeshadow that it was staying too long on my kit that it has even grown a mold on it. I'm so thankful that I no longer use this set of eyeshadow.

 Even if the cosmetic companies do not put expiration dates on their products, makeup products still expire and it can be harmful to our skin. I know that most of us, women, have lots of expensive makeup collection and it would hurt us to throw them away when it's needed to. But we would spend more than the amount of our makeups when are skin gets affected. 

Bacteria can harbor on our eyeshadow and the preservatives on it might not be working well like we first opened it. So you might get a conjunctivitis which is also know as pink-eye. If we use expired makeup, our skin might get irritated and may suffer from peri-oral dermatitis. I have also learned that we should avoid sharing lipsticks or lip glosses because this can be a good transport of bacteria from other people. Our skin might also develop dark spots from using old and expired make-up.

For those makeup lovers, we should always be aware of our cosmetics and always have the time to check if they're needed to be thrown away. We should always check the texture, smell or if it's already old. 


  1. It really sucks for cosmetics to expire especially if you didn't use it that much. I have to throw some good ones a few months back, and I barely use a couple. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I think lipstick and lipglosses are prone to getting expired without even waiting for the actual expiration date to come. I suggest that after one month from the time you started to use them, throw them out already. Just imagine the amount of bacteria it has. The lipstick or gloss has served as a culture medium to them. eeek!

  3. Thanks for that advice. I didn't know that. =)



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